Meet the Dreo Macro Pro, a powerful Air Purifier for any room in your home

Dreo Macro Pro HEPA air purifier airflow
(Image credit: Dreo)

We often think about the quality of the air in our homes in terms of temperature and humidity, but how often do we think about the cleanliness of the air. With Dreo’s Macro Pro HEPA air purifier, you can put clean air on the agenda and get a clear picture of just how fresh the air you’re breathing is.

The Dreo Macro Pro is a powerful air purifier designed to tackle just about any room in the house. With powerful airflow and advanced filtration, this true HEPA air purifier can make quick work out of dusty, smokey, and allergen-ridden rooms so you can go back to breathing easily.

At the heart of the Dreo Macro Pro is its three-stage filtration. The system uses a large pre-filter that’ll cut out bigger particles. This is the stage that’s going to take a ton of pet hair, dust, lint, and pollen out of the air. Then there’s an H13 True HEPA filter that can capture microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns in size like dust mites, bacteria, and viruses, and it’ll capture 99.97% of these particles for incredibly fresh air. Finally, an activated carbon layer captures bad odors, formaldehydes, and volatile organic compounds. 

You might not be able to see a lot of what the Dreo Macro Pro captures, but you’ll be able to notice the fresher air in no time. That’s because the Dreo Macro Pro can clean the air in your rooms incredibly quickly. 

A 360-degree intake fan ensures air from all over is getting pulled through, and it's powerful enough to achieve 183 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. Let’s see just how that translates into cleaning performance.

Dreo Macro Pro air purifying times by room size

(Image credit: Dreo)

With the Macro Pro’s powerful airflow, it can clean all the air in a 100-sq.-ft. Room in just 4.4 minutes. Keep it running and dust, pollen, and the like will never get a chance to accumulate in the air. Got bigger rooms to handle? No problem. The Dreo Macro Pro can recycle all the air in a 283-sq.-ft room five times an hour or even a 679-sq.-ft room twice an hour. 

Given how fast the Dreo Macro Pro can clean up the air in a room, you can move it from room to room throughout the day to get your whole house sorted out. A built-in air quality indicator light will also help you see when a room’s air is properly fresh. The air quality coming from the Macro Pro isn’t just some claim made by Dreo but actually independently tested and certified by organizations including SGS and the California Air Resources Board.

Cleaner air isn’t something you have to budget for in your monthly expenses either. The Dreo Macro Pro runs so efficiently, it can stay on maximum power 24/7 for a week and only cost 30 cents on your electricity bill. A whole month of non-stop operation will cost you less than a cup of coffee from many cafes. 

If you’re ready for clean air, you can grab the Dreo Macro Pro Air Purifier from Dreo or from Amazon