eBid review

eBid is an online auction site with an exceptionally large marketplace, user database, and free listings.

eBid review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

In our eBid review for 2020, we see a great site, and the number one choice for those who want to make a profit while keeping selling fees low.


  • +

    Second-largest online auction marketplace

  • +

    No charge to list items

  • +

    Reduced fees


  • -

    You can only accept three payment methods

  • -

    Confusing and busy website

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We’ve updated our review of eBid for 2020, assessing the functionality, cost, and user design of the site. We thoroughly sifted through the website to find out why consumers looking to sell their wares online should opt for eBid - and why others would want to choose another one of our picks for the best online auction sites. We noted that the biggest draw to eBid is how cost-efficient it is to use: it is free to list an item, and selling fees are minimal compared to other online auction sites. 

eBid has been operating since 1999, and it has grown to become one of the most used online auction sites on the web. Although it is not the largest marketplace (that honor goes to eBay), it is so extensive that you’re sure to find something you like, or if you’re a seller, a willing and able buyer. 

If eBid doesn't sound quite like the right option for you, check out other sites like Bonanza or eCRATER .

eBid review: Website and selection

  • Busy website, but with many ways to search for items
  • Three different kinds of user profiles: Buyer, Seller, Seller+

While browsing the eBid website, we found that it is a little busy as there is a lot of information to sift through, even on the home page. eBid operates in many countries, so we recommend that users set their country of origin before doing anything else. For example, if you’re buying or selling in the United States, set your site to eBid United States. 

There are three different user profiles to choose from. As a Buyer, you have free access to listings to make bids, offers, or to buy straight away. If you are a seller using eBid, you can choose between two different user levels, each with its own set of features and fees. As a Seller, you can list items for free, but as a Seller+, you will pay a membership fee for a treasure-trove of extra features and perks, such as selling facilities, no sales fees, and greater visibility of your listings (this means having them included in search engine results). Regardless of the user profile you choose, the fees eBid charges are competitive.  

If you’re a buyer, you’ll be impressed with the enormous and extremely varied selection of items available on the eBid website. A quick browse allowed us to pinpoint multiple ways of finding interesting wares for sale, including by popularity, by category, by auction closing date, and more. A quick search yielded a number of interesting items like a vintage Nancy Ann Storybook doll, collectible stamps, and beautiful antique furniture. 

eBid review: Fees 

  • Competitive and transparent fees

The low selling fees are eBid’s biggest draw. While eBid does not have the name recognition or as big of a base as eBay, we think that eBid brings the most value to its users, especially for sellers who don’t want to sell long-term. The online auction site is transparent in the fees it charges, and you can find a listing of the fee percentages by user profile on the eBid website.  

eBid review

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eBid review: Buying and selling on eBid

  • Helpful features available to sellers such as page view count and mediation
  • Average customer support

eBid has several features that specifically help you as a seller. Each of the items you list has a page views counter to show you how many people have looked at it. In addition, buyers can leave feedback about past auctions they had with you, just as you can leave feedback on them as buyers. This lets buyers and sellers check each other for reliability or potential issues before entering into transactions.

For any auctions that result in an issue with a buyer or seller, the site offers a resolution center to mediate the matter. You have the option to block specific bidders from your auctions in case you have a bad experience with them.

For each listing, you can add extra photos of your product to draw in customers. You can also add feature listings to your auction to help it catch the attention of your consumers. For example, you can bold or italicize your listing font to make it more eye-catching.

Similarly to other auction sites, eBid has advanced search options that allow its buyers to search for items by seller. It also lets users save you as a seller so that they can see other items you post at any time. Not only does this help the buyer, but it can also increase the number of views and sales on your items by connecting you with buyers who have similar interests. 

eBid presents most of the information you need on its website. This online auction site has an extensive FAQs page, as well as a community forum and video tutorials to help you learn how to sell and buy on the platform. The site also has an online contact form to connect you with representatives. The auction site does not offer live support, so you have to wait a bit longer for responses than you would with some sites.

Should I choose eBid?

With a large user database and limited listing and final value fees, eBid provides a competitive and inexpensive selling arena. While it restricts the payment methods you can offer your buyers, the selling features and high traffic you can receive on the site outweigh its limitations and make it an effective alternative to more expensive auction sites.

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