Pinterest and IKEA team up to release a new vacation-inspired home design tool

IKEA and Pinterest new tool Recovation: image of two men on decking at the beach
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A collaboration between IKEA and Pinterest can only mean one thing: enviable interiors that you are desperate to recreate yourself. Luckily, with their new personalized home design tool called Renocation, you can. This new tool creates Pinterest boards based on your interests and passions, including where you like to go on vacation and what you like to do once you get there. So after answering a series of questions provided by the tool’s AI, you’ll have a brand new set of vacation-inspired ideas to transform your home’s decor with.

IKEA already has a top spot in our guide to the best interior design software with its IKEA Home Planner Tool, but ‘Renocation’ aims to go further, by adding in touches and themed items from the store linked to your favorite vacation spots. If you already have a Pinterest account, you can also combine the board Renocation creates for you alongside other your ideas, creating a smorgasbord of interior inspiration simply bursting with fresh ideas. 

Pinterest and IKEA Recovation: image of Pinterest board

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Using Pinterest and IKEA’s Renocation to bring the beach to you

The introduction of the Renocation tool is inspired by the uptake in online searches for home renovation ideas. Paul Anderson, IKEA’s home furnishing and retail design leader in the US, said: “At a time when many of us are looking to turn our home projects into a reality, IKEA wants to help consumers refresh their space with products and solutions inspired by places outside of the home, like the beach or a favorite bistro.” 

So even if the getaway of your dreams isn’t currently possible, you can recreate that relaxed vacation feel in your home. The tool works by asking you some very basic questions; whether you’d rather be at the beach, in nature, or at the park for example. Then it generates a pin board full of ways to get that decor in your home. So, if you love the coast and taking a swim in the sea, then you can expect images of beachy textiles and boho outdoor spaces. 

It’s unsurprising that this new collaboration between Pinterest and IKEA focuses on vacations and renovations; combining something we’ve all missed out on and another activity we’ve likely undertaken. Research from Pinterest upon some countries reopening shows that searches for vacations are higher than they were pre-pandemic, as everyone takes time to daydream about luxury holidays. That coincides with an all-time high in searches for renovations, thanks to the quarantine itch as home-dwellers look to reimagine their spaces. 

If you’re feeling invigorated by the new Renocation tool to spruce up your home, also check out our guide to the best home design software programs and gather all your great ideas in one place. 

Why home improvement projects continue to soar in America 

Of course, the fact that Americans have taken up home renovations during the pandemic isn’t new information. There have been shortages of construction materials and new appliances, as well as long delays from contractors, as the number of those stuck at home seeking to refresh their space rises and rises. Americans have needed to use their houses for a wide variety of different activities over the past year, including a home gym, a school, and an office. So it’s no surprise that many have caught the home renovation bug. 

And the home improvement train shows no sign of slowing down, as homeowners see the real effects of renovations. Not only have people created brand new spaces to enjoy, such as patio areas and bars, but they’ve also been improving on their most valuable assets. Even the smallest renovations can help improve the overall value of your property, and learning that you can fix up some old decking or install a new hot tub yourself is a lesson that’s sure to last. For excellent ideas on how to up your house price yourself, check out our feature on how to add value to your home.  

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