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Samsung’s new fridge is customizable for your home, here’s why we like it

Samsung’s new fridge is customizable for your home, here’s why we like it
(Image credit: Samsung)

Renowned for its home and tech appliances, Samsung has pulled it out of the bag again, but this time with the potential fridge of the future. We’re not talking about endless gadgets and snazzy features, instead, Samsung’s new BESPOKE refrigerator is customizable to fit with everyday lives and kitchens. 

Revealed ahead of this year’s virtual CES 2021, Samsung’s new refrigerator is a four-door that hopes to rival even some of the best side-by-side refrigerators. Why we like this refrigerator, however, is that it’s built up of modular compartments so that you can choose whether you want a vertical or horizontal freezer section, while it features zones that can be switched from refrigerator to freezer compartments too. 

Samsung’s new fridge is customizable for your home: Image shows refrigerator in kitchen

(Image credit: Samsung)

Designed to work for the different needs of each family, Samsung’s new BESPOKE refrigerator will include the brand’s signature FlexZone but this time with five different settings including; Beverage, Fruit & Veg, Meat & Fish, Soft Freeze, and Freeze. A crisper section will also store your meat and fish at the optimal temperature, and an additional crisper has been designed to keep fruit and vegetables at their best.

Speaking about the new refrigerator launch, General Manager of Home Appliances, John Herrington, said: “As families spend more time at home—and in the heart of the home, the kitchen—they’re investing in home appliances they can personalize, which is exactly what our BESPOKE lineup offers.”

Samsung refrigerator beverage centre

(Image credit: Samsung)

Available later this year, Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators will be created in a choice of eight colors, steel, and glass finishes with the idea being that there’s a fridge to match every type of taste and kitchen decor. Its handles are recessed and while it looks great, this fridge is very much about use of space and practicality than it is being a masterpiece from the outside. 

Other features we like about the new Samsung range aren’t exactly groundbreaking but they’ll definitely be handy if you like cool drinks and you like a lot of them. Inside the BESPOKE refrigerator, a water dispenser area - dubbed as a Beverage Center - features a filtered water dispenser as well as a water pitcher that automatically refills when you need it to. A built-in ice maker also creates cubed ice as well as ice pieces to suit your preferences. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we use our homes, we’re expecting a whole host of clever and practical home appliance innovations to be revealed at this year’s CES and if you’re in the market for a new fridge, you can read up about how LG is coming out with a UV-sanitizing fridge.

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