Samsung’s new washers detect how dirty your clothes are and adjust automatically, here’s how

Samsung’s new washers detect how dirty your clothes are and adjust automatically, here’s how
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Designed to make laundry that little bit easier, Samsung’s new range of washing machines use artificial intelligence to ensure you’re getting the most from your wash.

Renowned for making some of the best front load washers and the best top load washers, Samsung has just announced two new laundry ranges - the Smart Dial Front Load Washers and Dryers, and Top Load ActiveWave Washers. Both ranges will be available from

Revealed as part of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2021, the Smart Dial Front Load Washers and Dryers have a sleek finish and will be available in brushed black or an ivory-colored coating. These washers and dryers sure make an impact too - with a huge door window dominating most of the front panel, and modern controls. 

Aiming to combine both style and substance, the Smart Dial Front Load Washers learns your most popular wash cycles and will then prioritize them when you go to put a wash on. But the real feature here is that this washer will also be able to detect exactly how dirty your clothes are when it’s nearing the end of its cycle. If there are still marks or stains on your clothing, the washer will then automatically dispense more detergent and respond to make sure your laundry comes out clean. 

There’ll be no more guesswork with detergent either as the Smart Dial Washer lets you fill its detergent and conditioner drawers and then only uses what detergent it actually needs for that laundry load. That means you shouldn’t waste any detergent and you won’t end up with slightly sticky fabrics if you overdo it with the fabric conditioner. 

If you’re in a hurry, the Smart Dial Washer has a Super Speed cycle that cleans eight pounds of washing in 28 minutes. The matching dryer uses sensors to dry the load in 30 minutes, meaning your entire laundry routine could be complete in less than an hour. These washers and dryers can either be stacked if you’re short on space, or can be placed side by side. 

Smart-enabled, the Smart Dial Washer and Dryers can also be set up to send a notification to your phone when they’ve finished their cycle. 

Samsung’s new washers detect how dirty your clothes are and adjust automatically, here’s how

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s new agitator machines  

As washing machines advance, agitator models have become less popular, however, Samsung’s Top Load ActiveWave Washer has been designed to create a solution to the problem that many agitator washers have. Because agitator washers are enowned for being harsh to clothes, as you’ll see in our Agitator vs. Impeller feature, it’s surprising that Samsung has released a newer version of this type of appliance. 

Promising to work quietly, reduce vibration, and prevent your laundry from getting tangled up, the ActiveWave Washer has a water faucet built into it so that you can treat stains before they go through the wash cycle. 

The new ActiveWave Washers will be available in a choice of three finishes: Platinum, White, and Brushed Black. 

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