Send the summer heat packing with the powerful Dreo Pilot Max tower fan

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in open space
(Image credit: Dreo)

With the mercury rising, the newfound warmth of spring might be welcome now, but it’s only a matter of time until the blistering heat of summer appears. When those days come, your new ally in the battle against the heat could be Dreo’s snazzy Pilot Max tower fan. 

Your real enemy during hot weather is air that doesn’t move. When it stagnates and  your own body heat contributes to the mix, it can be impossible to feel refreshed. Getting that air to move away from you with cooler air taking its place is pivotal, and the Dreo Pilot Max is a serious air mover.

This tower fan can send through 1,475 cubic feet of air every minute. Sit next to the Pilot Max and the hot air is never going to get a chance to settle on you. You don’t have to sit right next to the Pilot Max, though. Thanks to its powerful impeller fan, it can blow with wind speeds up to 26 ft/second and reach as far as 32 feet away. Just drop the Pilot Max into a corner and it’ll keep the air moving for the whole room between that powerful airflow and its 120-degree oscillation range. Feeling a little greedy and want the fan to focus on you? You can control its oscillation range so it doesn’t stray too far. Since the fan is lightweight, you can also bring it from room to room easily, letting you stay cool wherever you go.

You don’t even have to wait until you’re uncomfortable to get the fan running. With a built-in temperature sensor, the Dreo Pilot Max can react to the weather, letting it dial up the speeds when it’s hot and slow down when things cool off. 

All that power doesn't come with a lot of racket or a high electricity bill, either. The fan operates at just 48dB at maximum speeds but can run as low as 25dB in its sleep mode. Why’s it called sleep mode? Because it’s quiet enough for you to easily fall asleep even while it’s running. That same sleep mode also sips so little electricity that you could run the Pilot Max for all three months of summer and only spend a bit over a dollar on your energy bill. Of course, you can also use the sleep timer to save even more energy by automatically shutting the fan off after one to twelve hours. 

You can get ready for the impending summer heat by getting the Dreo Pilot Max from Dreo directly order it through Amazon or from Walmart