Pros / A one-time seller verification fee is all you have to pay to list your items on Auction Fire.

Cons / Auction Fire has a very small membership base.

 Verdict / This auction site offers a free and safe marketplace to sell your items, but the small user base and lack of some features reduces your chances of making a lot of sales.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

With only a small verification fee, Auction Fire offers a free online auction site where you can keep all of the profits you earn. The verification fee confirms every member's identity and creates a safe marketplace. The service has a wide selection of selling features; however, its member base is small, which limits your chances of selling compared to other sites.

While this online auction site is free, it does have some fee-based services. To enhance your listings with bolded text or additional pictures, it costs a small fee per listing. Auction Fire also has the Seller's Ad-Vantage program, an optional advertising package intended to bring you more auction views and sales.

With such a small membership on this site, advertising your items with both the standard and optional selling features helps. While this bidding site does not submit items to outside search engines, it does offer advertising options. The Seller's Ad-Vantage package includes a customized banner prominently displayed on the site, bold and highlighted text, priority in featured showcases, and priority customer support. The service also reports daily what buyers are searching for on the site.

This auction website has several features you can use to attract buyers. For example, you can use buy-now buttons on your products in case buyers don't want to deal with the auction process. Buyers can use automatic bidding and list the maximum price they would pay for an item, or they can search for sellers they particularly like, which saves them time in finding you if they tend to like your products. You and your buyers can provide feedback on each other that is viewable to everyone after a transaction, which can boost your credibility as a seller and alert you to unreliable users.

However, the site does lack some basic features. Your buyers cannot favorite you as a seller, which would make it easy for them to follow your other auctions. You cannot block specific bidders from your auctions either, which would be a useful option when certain buyers prove untrustworthy or troublesome.

As a seller, you can accept different forms of payment. Auction Fire supports credit, debit, PayPal and Auction Fire Escrow Service payments. While third-party facilitators charge a transaction fee, this protects both the seller and buyer from fraud. After an auction, the service gives you your buyer's information to contact them; however, you must create your own invoice. The service does not automatically create one or have a way for you to create one on its site.

Auction Fire does not offer live support options. You can contact representatives by email only. The service does have a community forum where you can direct your questions to other users. It also has an extensive FAQs page to address buyer and seller questions.

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While Auction Fire offers a free online auction site, it lacks some basic selling features and has a relatively small number of potential buyers. With few eyes even seeing your items, it greatly reduces your selling potential. Even though the site is a free and safe place to sell your products, it does not offer a strong selling platform compared to the top-ranked auction sites.

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