Pros / The shipping and support services are very well done.

Cons / There are not enough features, such as online photo sharing, on the site.

 Verdict / Nations Photo Lab offers a clean and easy-to-use website for ordering photos. However, the limited editing tools and lack of sharing capabilities make using this service inconvenient compared to some other photo editing services in this review.

Nations Photo Lab has great customer support that will make you feel at ease transforming your pictures. The photos we received from this digital photo printing company were even better than those from some better-known competitors of the site. However, the prints we ordered came back much darker than the originals, and the website is missing a number of important features.

We sent in a set of photographs and asked for a glossy finish from Nations Photo Lab to determine how well the company could print photos online from customers. The results we received back were satisfactory, particularly in clarity, but our testers noted that the prints were substantially darker than the rest.

The pricing for the site is all over the place. As with most online photo printers, good deals are occasionally available for people who order large numbers of photos. But if you need only a few photos, its singles for 4 x 6 photos are 27 cents apiece, which is about three times the price of some other companies. With larger pictures, its prices tend to be lower than average, but keep in mind how many photos you want and in what size, especially if you are on a budget. If you like printing your photos from your favorite social media sites, then Nations Photo Lab is probably not the site for you. Unlike most other photo printing services, this site does not allow you to upload photos from any social media sites.

Digital photo printing sites can offer just as many features for editing and displaying your photos as any type of expensive software. Nations Photo Lab has very minimal editing tools on its site, which can only be accessed when you are about to order. There is unlimited free online storage, although you can have high-resolution downloads. There are no online photo sharing opportunities, so if you want to get publicity for your photography, this site is not the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you want a site that is simple to navigate and just want to print your creations, you will likely enjoy this one.

The FAQs section of the site is excellent. Questions are categorized and neatly organized, with links available to helpful pages. Some of the answers are brief, but thankfully the site has email, telephone and live chat for when you need a question answered promptly. Also, there are video tutorials and behind-the-scenes insights into how the photo editing process is carried out.

The only support service this site lacks is in-store pickup, which might be inconvenient if you need to travel for your photography. But it does have overnight delivery and two-day delivery, so you will not be facing a major inconvenience.

Nations Photo Lab Digital Photo Printing Visit Site
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  1. How easy it is to use the service online.
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  2. 10  Nations Photo Lab
    94.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 95.0 %
  6. Category Average
    93.9 %


Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, if you enjoy a support system from your digital photo printing service, you will enjoy using this site. It might not have any sharing features, but it still has some great things to offer its customers. Nations Photo Lab's prints were significantly darker and murkier than the rest, but the clarity in these prints is also among the sharpest we've seen.

Nations Photo Lab Digital Photo Printing Visit Site

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