Pros / This digital photo printing site combines traditional elements with in-depth editing tools, site features and help and support pages.

Cons / The customer service section is missing a technical support phone number and live chat support option.

 Verdict / SmugMug is a digital photo printing site that offers a long list of photo printing features ideal for professional and beginning photographers alike.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current Digital Photo Printing Reviews here.

SmugMug is like the Lexus of digital photo printing sites. You have all of the same, traditional site features, such as the ability to make photo prints and share images via Twitter and Facebook, but with SmugMug, you get so much more than a typical digital photo printing service can offer. As a professional photographer, this is the photo printing site for you: You can display your photos in your digital gallery without having to compromise resolution or viewing size. Although we recommend many of SmugMug's online photo printing site features for professionals, we do believe that anyone can use this site and glean the best benefits. Because there are so many great features on this photo printing site, we recommend that those new to online image galleries, forums and communities, as well as advanced image-sharing options, read through the help and support section before diving in. We are thoroughly impressed with this digital photo printing site and had a good time using the vast site features and functions to create fantastic photo prints.

This website is designed with the intent that it be available to and useable by all kinds of photographers, from amateurs to professional. This digital photo printing site features an extensive community of photographers who regularly post their photos for all to see. Many of the photographers will comment on their photos and tell you what kind of camera, filter, editing process, etc., they used. The gallery features photos taken by artists all over the world and is a breeding ground for inspiration.

SmugMug's editing process is intense and in-depth. SmugMug has an in-application editing program, Picnik. Here, you are able to edit your photo by cropping, rotating, resizing, adjusting the exposure, colors, etc. You are also able to add special effects, text, frames, stickers and more to your images. We are very impressed with the variety of photo effects available. After you edit your photos, you can make them into cards, calendars, collages, videos, albums and more.

You are able to upload your photos from your iPhone or Android, Photoshop Elements, Picasa, and email them to your SmugMug account. If you have never uploaded images to your SmugMug account from anywhere but your computer, this digital photo printing service has step-by-step instructions for you to follow that makes uploading a breeze.

This photo printing service’s support page is easy to navigate and offers a very helpful search function. If you are using SmugMug for the first time, you can peruse their in-depth help pages or watch a five-minute introductory video to help you get started. This digital photo printing service offers email support as well as a support forum containing tips from other photographers and the SmugMug staff. Unfortunately, no phone service or live chat support is available.


Although SmugMug may have more of a learning curve than others, we believe you will really enjoy networking with other photographers and having access to all of the opportunities made readily available. This online photo printing site is thoroughly enjoyable to use and has some of the most powerful site features we have seen for a photo printing site.