Pros / This is versatile software with different formats to help you organize a variety of writing projects, including novels and screenplays.

Cons / It lacks a brainstorming tool, genre outlines and a dictionary.

 Verdict / Power Structure multiformat platform helps you produce creative writing projects of all kinds.

Power Structure is one of the most versatile creative writing programs on our lineup. That’s because you can use it to write a host of formats, including books, plays, movies and TV writing. Such diversity makes the software useful for professionals and amateurs writing in any of those different media formats.

This writing software offers multiple ways to view the stories you’re writing. At the top of the user interface, an array of View buttons allows you to see your themes, characters, conflicts and structures. This software does an excellent job of keeping your story elements in one location and making them easily accessible. 

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  2. 2  Power Structure
    95.0 %
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  5. Category Average
    90.4 %

Organizational Tools

Power Structure is outstanding creative writing software, especially for its ability to accommodate a variety of formats. If you like to dabble in a variety of writing forms – screenplays, plays and novels, for example – you’ll want to consider this software, which works for all kinds of writers. It offers many features and options to help you write a book, story collection, script, play or TV show. It also includes Campbell & Vogler’s Mythic 12 steps of writing, which typically outlines the steps of your protagonist’s journey through a screenplay or novel.

You can use the Index Cards feature to plot a story point by point and chapter by chapter. It’s great for developing your story and making you think about structure. Though Power Structure has features to help you develop plot, characters, settings and conflicts, it lacks genre outlines and brainstorming tools.

Writing & Editing

This writing program has a word processor with all the tools that accompany standard applications. That includes spell check, word count and the ability to write and search text. 

Ease of Use

Power Structure’s toolbar buttons are old-fashioned and small with 10-point default text. However, unlike the very best creative writing software, this program has no in-program tool to troubleshoot software problems that may arise, and it lacks writing examples to model skillful writing.

Help & Support

Power Structure offers instructional tutorial videos on its website, as well as FAQs to answer questions or help you troubleshoot an issue. The company offers email support and typically responds the same day to inquiries. Phone support is also available during business hours.

We ran into some glitches when we tried to access the program manual. The software prompted us to download Adobe Reader in order to read the PDF manual. Adobe Reader was already installed on our test machine so we checked for and installed an update. However, the software still could not access the program manual from under the Help menu. In addition, Auto Spell is a bit of a nuisance. The window pops up too often for names and other words, and it’s better to turn it off altogether in the Tools menu.


Power Structure is good creative writing software for a variety of formats, including books, screenplays, stage plays and TV shows. If you’re a writer who loves to create text in multiple genres and forms, the software will provide all the tools you need. The software’s character, plot and conflict development features work well, and the overall application is easy to use. It has a few operational glitches, however, including the lack of a workable user manual and a feature to prompt brainstorming. Overall, though, this program works well for outlining and structuring many creative writing projects.

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Organizational Tools

Plot Development
Character Development
Story Outline
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Split-Screen View
Automatic Backups
Name Generator

Ease of Use

Usability Score
Efficacy Score
10, 8, 7, XP
Mac OS X

Writing & Editing

Built-In Word Processor
Spell Check
Text Formatting
Word Count
Insert Comments
Insert Headers & Footers
Insert Images

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