Pros / All of the necessary editing tools are included, such as a layer manager, a point marker and a color-editing feature.

Cons / The file compatibility is minimal and the user forum is not active.

 Verdict / If you're not looking to do complex 3D prototypes, CADopia is a suitable choice for editing and creating small designs and drawings.

CADopia 18 Standard is a very basic CAD program for designing and editing 2D and 3D models. Compatibility and support options leave you wanting more, but if you want a minimalist design space, CADopia Standard is good starter software.

While it isn’t the least expensive software in our review, CADopia is on the lower end, only costing around $450. This software comes with a year of free technical support but you will need to subscribe if you want additional support after that. There are no cloud subscription options, which means this is a one-time purchase software. If you want to check the program out, you can download the free trial and use it for 31 days. If you happen to be in school, there is a student version of this software. You can request a quote for the student version by emailing

Very few design features are built into this simple CAD program. For architectural models, there isn’t a house wizard or wall tool. Uniquely, you will find an animation feature, which is odd to have without the more necessary design tools. You have your standard 2D drawing tools, including hatching, but as far as 3D tools you get lighting effects, but that's pretty much it. There are no textures or transparency options for rendering in the standard version. There is also no photorealistic rendering in this version. If you want to pay more, you can purchase CADopia Professional, which offers these 3D modeling tools.

The interface in CADopia Standard is just that – standard. This CAD software offers drag-and-drop functionality, a customizable tool palette and the ability to import designs. All of the desirable interface features are included, but the layout itself is plain and doesn't offer any remarkable features or options. With that said, it is a modern, professional-looking user interface that is easy to use and will let you create a variety of designs. It’s a good option for novice CAD users or designers who want to create basic 2D designs.

This 2D CAD software has all of the editing tools you'll need to create CAD models, including a point marker, a layer manager and text editing. CADopia is compatible with the most important file formats such as DWG, DXF and DGN, and it can export PDFs. Unfortunately, those are the only formats you can work with in this program as it doesn't support raster images, STL or DWF, which limits your importing and exporting options.

Help and support for CADopia lasts for a year after you purchase your license. You'll have access to technical support via email and phone numbers. If you'd prefer a basic CAD software that gives you unlimited technical support, you might want to consider DesignCAD 3D Max. CADopia’s knowledgebase gives you access to video tutorials and FAQs. There is technically a user forum, but it isn’t used much, which makes it pretty useless for serious questions.

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CADopia Standard is CAD drawing software intended for simple designs. Many powerful features are missing such as a photorealistic render option and architectural wizard tools. It is basic software that is good for novice CAD users, but it doesn’t have the extras that other programs in our lineup have. However, if all you want to do is edit a few 2D drawings or use it in conjunction with a more powerful CAD software, CADopia might be a good choice for you.

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