Pros / This eBook maker provides a large number of useful tutorials.

Cons / The format capabilities are limited.

 Verdict / eBooks Compiler is easy to use, but it lacks the ability to help you create anything beyond a traditional eBook.

This eBook software provides number of functions you should look for in an eBook creator. Plus, the variety of feature are easy to find by using the navigation tabs. A function that we really appreciate in this eBook maker software is the branding options that make it possible to market your eBook and have others sell it. However, it doesn't have multi-language, like Atavist capabilities, which would be a useful marketing tool.

eBooks Compiler is a very user-friendly eBook creator that provides a simple navigation system and easy-to-follow steps for making an eBook. We had no trouble using any of the functions, which is vital in feeling comfortable during the creative process of carving out a look for your eBooks.

You can use HTML and PDF files to compile your eBook. The application allows you to select the best compression for your eBook, and once it is compiled, to export it as an EXE file. The compiling capabilities are not complex, but they will adequately assist you in creating projects they can be proud of.

One of eBooks Complier's weaker points is the lack of format capabilities. Even though it can make traditional books, it cannot make guides, magazines or picture books. With such a wide market for eBook readers, and so many creative ways to utilize this digital form of reading, it is a little disappointing that this otherwise capable software doesn't match the best eBook creators in this way. You could not even use this software for a family project such as an album.

One of eBooks Compiler’s best assets is the help and support services. We note in eBook software reviews how helpful tutorials can be when you are trying to get the most use out of eBook creators. The tutorials in eBooks Compiler are very thorough, and they do a good job of expanding upon the instruction manual.

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Whatever its shortcomings, eBooks Compiler has enough creative functions to make any simple eBook look like it has been professionally published.

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