Pros / This is one of only two video capture programs we reviewed that lets you record the screens of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Cons / While the image-editing tools are great, it lacks everything but the most basic tools we look for in this category.

 Verdict / Screenpresso Pro is a great application for capturing what's happening on your computer – but it's missing just enough functionality for it to rank higher on our lineup.

Screenpresso Pro is decent video capture software. While it ended up in the lower half of our top 10, there's a lot to like about it: It has almost all the recording tools we look for. However, it has limited editing and exporting options compared to the rest of the programs in our review.

Screenpresso's screen-recording tool is an easy-to-understand way to capture what's happening on your computer. You can use it to record your desktop, other programs, streaming videos, video games and even VoIP calls through services like Skype. Anything that's on your screen, this application can record and turn into a video that you can use just like one made with a regular camera.

With this software, you can use your webcam to record your videos. This is a good tool if you are making a presentation and want to add your face as a picture-in-picture effect. Or you can simply use it to make a "talking-head" video. And while this adaptability is useful, it's not unusual for this kind of software. Only one program on our lineup didn't have this ability.

The truly innovative feature of this video capture program is that you can record the action on your Android smartphone and tablet. All you need to do is connect the device you want to record to your computer, then select the Android Center from the Capture menu. You'll have to download a plug-in, but once that's done, you can record your Android device the same way you would your computer screen. This is great because it provides more content sources for your presentation.

The editing tools, though, are a mixed bag. In addition to capturing video, the software can take still images of your screen. Screenpresso's built-in image editor is rather robust and impressive. You can add text, shapes, and images to highlight and focus attention on the important part of the screen.

However, the video-editing capabilities are only the most basic. You're limited to editing the video you capture with this software in its media player. And it only allows you to trim footage. There is not an option for adjusting the audio, adding your own videos, titles, or annotations. If you want to do any of that, you'll need a third-party video-editing application. And while you can pan and zoom across the screen while you record, there’s no option to do it during the editing phase.

Another drawback that held this application back in our review is its mediocre video quality. Our video experts examined the test project created by Screenpresso and found that while it's watchable, it has some issues with pixelation and hesitation in the video. And while it's not enough to reject the program out of hand, the award-winning products produced a much clearer and smoother picture. If you want better quality, you might look at the Adobe Presenter Video Express.

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If you're in the market for video capture software, Screenpresso Pro is definitely worth considering. It has a healthy array of recording tools and some image-editing tools. We would like to see a more robust selection of video-editing tools and some improvement in the quality of the exported video. Despite what it lacks, it compensates with a rare tool that allows you to record footage from an Android device – a feature only one other program we reviewed has.

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