Top 10 fall interior design trends

Top 10 Fall Interior Design Trends
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The fall interior design trends have landed – and they are just as beautiful as we expected them to be. With the leaves changing color, the darker nights upon us, and the temperatures starting to drop, the new fall season brings it some new plenty of picture-perfect homeware trends to get on board with.

Thankfully, the new fall interior design trends have something for everyone. We’re talking cozy autumnal shades, vintage décor, layering, and more. But if you’re wondering how you can incorporate one (or more) trends into your home harmoniously, that’s where the best interior design software programs come in. These clever apps can help you spruce up your space virtually and show you in 3D form how your ideas can all fit together, without you having to lift a brick (or brush).

Keep reading to discover the fall interior design trends you’ll be seeing everywhere.

1. Layer upon layer 

It’s time to up the cozy factor this fall by adding layers and layers to your home –and especially in the bedroom department. But thankfully, this first interior design trend can be worked into pretty much every room in the house. 

From the bedroom to the living room, bring some much-needed texture into your space by layering your floor with rugs, and your seats and mattresses with throws and blankets. You could even take this trend to your windows by dressing them with shades as well as curtains.

Top 10 Fall Interior Design Trends

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2. Room dividers and partitions  

Gone are the days of longing for vast open spaces. Along with many things, the past 18 months have seen us use the spaces in our home much differently to previous years. Nowadays, we need the spaces in our homes to work harder than we do. Whether that's our dining tables doubling up as desks, or our lounges becoming a make-shift workout space. 

Either way, one of the most practical fall interior design trends has got us covered thanks to the rise of room dividers. And luckily, there’s a style for every home. From large classic but modern room dividers  to rustic woven fiber folding screens.

3. Bring the outdoors in

Perhaps one of our favorite fall interior design trends? The trend that brings two of our most-loved things together – the indoors and outdoors. Breathe some new life into your space by bringing the outdoors in. If you’re a plant lover, invest in some brilliant hard-wearing plants that are made to thrive indoors, or kit your home out with artificial offerings to reap all the rewards with minimal upkeep. 

You can also nail this trend by introducing some natural fibers into your home, with wicker chairs or stone sculptures. 

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4. Vintage finds

We’re all for using and reusing furniture from times gone by. Whether that means dusting off old vintage pieces that you’ve kept unused in your garage for years and years or investing in some new, and more modern takes on old trends.

Things like colored glassware, inspired from the 1940s work wonders and are a quick win on the trend.  While retro-style toasters which take inspiration from the 1950s, can inject some added personality into your space.


5. Rich, warm and inviting color palettes

It wouldn’t be a round up of fall interior design trends without having some warm and inviting tones in the mix. We can always count on the fall season to bring with it some beautifully rich and deep autumnal tones.

The top contenders? It looks like dark reds, oranges and brown tones will be seen here, there and everywhere and we're all for it. So load up on these tones by adding pockets of autumnal colors as and where you please.  From paint to abstract paintings, there are multiple ways to tick off this trend.

6. Throw some shapes

Juxtaposition is big news when it comes to the top fall interior design trends this 2021. The new season has brought with it an arrangement of interior pieces where soft edges meet hard lines. 

This is particularly prominent in contemporary wall art, coffee tables, vases and patterned rugs

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7. Return of rattan 

It’s the trend that keeps on giving. If, like us, you still haven’t fallen out of love with rattan, you’ll be pleased to know these materials are going nowhere fast. 

You might have already invested in a rattan headboard, a table and a sideboard. But how about a lamp to brighten up dark days? There are endless ways to incorporate this strong woven cane, made from bamboo, into your home. And we’re super happy about it.

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8. A place of zen

Rest, relaxation and restoration, all things a brilliantly equipped bathroom can help take care of. Creating a luxurious spot to escape the long nights and darker days is exactly what every fall time needs. Which is why, making a spa-like bathroom has made it onto the list of fall interior design trends to watch out for.

The brilliant thing about this trend is that you don't have to spend a fortune to make it work. Instead, why not treat yourself to some fresh and fluffy towels, bath salts, a back brush, an oil diffuser and/or candles? And don’t forget to display all your spa-like goodies neatly on a bath tray. Who said you needed to leave your home to have a spa-like experience?

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9. Go green

You could say dark green has become the go-to color for the fall season and beyond. We'd even go so far as to say a dark green hue has become the color of the year. Why? The color signifies renewal, freshness and hope – three things we would happily welcome into our home. 

Which is why, we're calling it: dark green is the shade that will be spotted all fall long. Hone in on this trend with soft furnishings, plants and sprinkle doses of it in the kitchen with serve ware.  

10. Mix and matching patterns 

The two most useable patterns have united in this latest and last top fall interior design trend. We're talking about checks and stripes being used together to add some added interest into every corner of your home. 

The easiest and most cost-effective way to jump onboard the checks and stripes bandwagon is to mix and match the prints with your bedding,  throws and with plenty of cushions. After all, too many cushions are never enough. 

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