TutorEye review

TutorEye is one of the largest online learning services in the US, and is focused on kids. But is it any good?

TutorEye review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

TutorEye is a great option if you want 24/7 support for the core school subjects of English, math and science, and don’t mind not always having the same tutor.


  • +

    Tutors available around the clock

  • +

    Written help with homework as well as live classes

  • +

    Clear pricing with pay as you go option


  • -

    Student won’t always have the same tutor

  • -

    Credentials of tutors vary

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TutorEye is an online service which offers 24/7 support with lessons in English, math and science - from kindergarten level right up to college. The platform is aimed at parents looking to support their children’s education but adults could use it for themselves too.

There are currently around 25,000 students on TutorEye and the platform can be used anywhere in the world, so long as you have a reliable internet connection. The site is specifically designed to appeal more to the American market with all prices listed in dollars and the option of a free demo lesson available to those in the United States and Canada.

You can choose a monthly subscription for regular lessons or a more expensive pay as you go option. The pricing structure is clear and transparent and all the tutors on the site cost the same amount. You don’t need to commit to one tutor and can quickly arrange ad hoc lessons when you need them with whoever is available. There is also the option of getting written homework help by putting a request out to tutors on the platform. But is it among the best online tutoring services available today? Let's find out.


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TutorEye: Ease of use

The TutorEye website is packed with information, and there’s a live online chat function you can use to talk to a human in customer support. If you don't sign up, you only get bot-based support. It’s also possible to look through different tutor profiles to find someone who might fit your needs, but you will need to sign up before you can actually book a session. 

One of the selling points for TutorEye is that you can get started straight away without any sales calls or interviews to establish what kind of tutoring you need. On the homepage, there’s an option to ask a specific question to find an online tutor who is available then and there to help you with whatever it is you are struggling with. But the downside to this is that you are unlikely to get as personalized a service as with a platform like Learner where time and effort is put into matching students with the right tutor.


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TutorEye: Pricing

TutorEye has a transparent pricing system, and students pay for how many minutes they use. Unlike platforms like Preply where the fee depends on the tutor, the cost is the same for any teacher on the site, regardless of experience or location.

TutorEye’s pricing is mid-range so you won’t get rock bottom rates from using tutors in countries where wages are typically low but you also won’t pay premium fees either.

One of the biggest plus points is you can choose either a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go service. As you’d expect, the pay as you go option works out the most expensive at $30 an hour (50 cents a minute) but it does mean you never end up paying for lessons you won’t use. 

When it comes to monthly subscriptions, there are three to pick from – Learner, Go-getter and Topper. For $49.99 a month, you get 120 minutes of online lessons ($25 an hour) on the Learner package, while Go-getters pay $99.99 a month for 300 minutes ($20 an hour). The Topper subscription is a big financial commitment as it costs $299.99 a month but you get 20 hours of teaching so an hourly lesson works out at just $15.

New users in the US and Canada can have a free demo session without providing any payment details but this offer isn’t available to customers elsewhere in the world.

TutorEye: Tutors

TutorEye’s tutors are educated to at least degree level, though some have doctorates in their chosen subjects. To teach on the platform, tutors must submit personal details and be interviewed but it is unclear how rigorous the selection process is. Many of the tutors are based outside the United States in Asia, Africa and Europe, but the advantage to this is that the different time zones increase the likelihood of someone being available to teach you when you need them. TutorEye claims to provide a 24/7 service with the ability to book lessons at all times of day and night.

Tutors who have already taught lessons on TutorEye have a feedback section with reviews from students so you can get a feel for how good they are. One thing we noticed when browsing the site was the same tutors kept being suggested repeatedly, although there were many more set up to teach through the platform.

Unlike tutoring platforms like Learner which aim to build a lasting one-to-one relationship between student and tutor, the focus on TutorEye is availability and speed. It is possible to schedule lessons with the same tutor if you want to but the platform is set up so you can chop and change depending on what you want to learn and when you want your sessions to be.


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TutorEye: Lessons

Tutoring sessions take place on a one-to-one basis in an online classroom using a digital whiteboard with audio, video and chat features. Tutors are encouraged to use a number of teaching methods to help students grasp concepts, including using audiovisual aids, infographics, practice papers and quizzes. Regular tests help monitor the performance of students but as sessions can be arranged on an ad hoc basis, there is no clear individual learning plan with specific targets and goals. After each session, you’ll be invited to leave feedback which will go onto the tutor’s profile. If you're looking for more consistency and personalization with lessons, we strongly recommend sites like eTutorWorld, which can really tailor your online learning.

One benefit is that you or your child can get help with all the core subjects – math, English and science - in one place. All live lessons are recorded so you can go back and watch them whenever you want if you need to remind yourself of anything. There is also the option to get written help with homework in addition to live lessons. The platform claims its experts can give detailed step-by-step explanations as well as assistance in completing assignments. Instead of being charged per minute like the live lessons, students put out a request for homework help and then pick a tutor who meets their needs and budget. 

Should you use TutorEye?

TutorEye is simple to use with pricing for live online lessons worked out per minute, so you know exactly where you stand when it comes to cost. Tutors are based all over the world and you can arrange lessons straight away with whoever is available if you’re stuck on something you’ve been set by school or college.

However, while this approach is convenient and means you won’t be waiting around for help, it can seem a bit no-frills compared to platforms like Learner which spend time getting to know their customers and matching them to a tutor who suits their needs and learning style and will build a lasting relationship with them.

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