VanTop’s new $200 robot vacuum is inspired by... insects

VanTop’s new $200 robot vacuum is inspired by... insects
(Image credit: Kyvol)

VanTop Technology & Innovation is launching three new robot vacuums this June and they’re all inspired by insects including bees and dragonflies. Starting at under $200, the new Cybovac robot vacuums are the brainchild of Kyvol, a brand from VanTop, and will be available from June 25. 

Insects and vacuums seem like a pretty weird combination, but the new Cybovac E-series robot vacuums combine the visual navigation of bees and dragonflies along with drone technology, without adding a huge price tag either. 

The three models, E20, E30 and the E31, are all controllable via an app for remote control and have the functionality to perform automatic cleaning schedules. As with many robot vacuums, the new models have different cleaning modes - Auto, Edge and Spot but the E31 model has a built-in water tank so that it can mop your floors after vacuuming them. 

Aiming to earn its way into the leading robot vacuums on the market, Kyvol’s new models all have a battery life of 150 minutes, making them last longer than any other models in our round up of the best robot vacuums

Cheap robot vacuums: Cybovac E-series

When the robot vacuums reach a 12% battery level, they automatically return to their charging station. Other key features in the new models from Kyvol include the dust bins, which are 600ml to reduce emptying frequency, and infrared sensors to stop them from crashing into other objects or falling down stairs. Starting at $199 for the Cybovac E20, the E30 costs $249 and the E31 will cost $279 and they will be available from from June 25. 

Thinking about getting a robot vacuum? Traditionally, upright vacuums used to be cheaper, but robot vacuums are quickly advancing and becoming much more affordable. 

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