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Leawo YouTube Downloader Review

YouTube Downloader by Leawo is a video downloader application you can use to capture your favorite videos on the internet.

Our Verdict

While Leawo YouTube Downloader doesn't have all the features we look for, those it has are excellent and should serve you well.


  • This program makes it easy to find, download and organize your favorite internet videos.


  • It’s missing several features, including a browser plugin and format conversion tools.
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YouTube Downloader by Leawo is a video downloader application you can use to capture your favorite videos on the internet. This software is sold as a component of the Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate suite. You can buy the downloader component separately or as part of the whole suite.

This program has most of the features we look for in video downloader software. Although it doesn’t automatically detect and download videos from other browsers, it features an integrated internet browser you can use to search for, stream and download videos. When you download a video, YouTube Downloader doesn’t include the ads, so you don't have to watch them or delete separate files later.

The software’s interface is simple and intuitive and has only three tabs: Browse, Video and Convert. The Browse tab looks like a web browser, with an address bar and search bar. The Video tab holds your library, and the Convert tab shows the progress of your file conversions.

YouTube Downloader’s download library organizes your videos so you can find them quickly. You can search by date, including the current day or the past few days. You can also search by category – for example, movies, music or sports. In addition, the library displays the videos' metadata. While all your files stay in the program, the software also keeps them in a folder on your computer. You can watch your videos with YouTube Downloader’s internal media player, which is basic and easy to use.

One of the main features we looked for as we evaluated the best video downloader software is the ability to convert downloads into other file formats. YouTube Downloader does not have this ability on its own. However, if you purchase it as part of the entire Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate package, there is a video converter module. This module allows you to convert your downloads into all the popular file formats and optimize them for devices such as smartphones, tablets and gaming systems.

Leawo YouTube Downloader has many of the convenient features the best video downloader software includes. You can search for and stream videos with the program or simply add URLs from your usual browser. However, if you want to convert your downloads into different formats, you need to pay extra to buy the Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate package.

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