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Movie Outline Review

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Movie Outline is screenwriting software that was developed by a produced screenwriter. As such, it possesses extensive tools to help you develop your characters and storyline. Like all the best screenwriting software, it also formats your screenplay to Hollywood standards.

Using Movie Outline can be a little daunting at first. This is because it's filled to the brim with story development and script-writing options. However, once you become accustomed to Movie Outline's workflow, it becomes easier to use.

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What makes this screenwriting software so useful is the integrated development tools that help you keep track of your characters and storyline. You can organize and color-code story elements into the three-act structure via the PowerView tool. This gives you the ability to structure the action, arrange the scenes and plan the character arcs.

Movie Outline provides wizards that you can use to build characters and scenes and to structure your stories. Because any good story requires deliberate pacing, believable characters, and tight, compelling scenes, these wizards go a long way toward helping you craft a tale that will leap from the page to the screen in a way that an audience appreciates.

After you've developed your story structure and characters in Movie Outline, this screenwriting software formats your screenplay to Hollywood standards, using the standard Tab and Enter key commands. You can also spotlight only the dialogue and characters speaking, which helps with rewrites. The part of a script that most often needs to be rewritten is the dialogue, because it's challenging to write dialogue that sounds natural, not stilted or fake.

The proofreading feature in this screenwriting software is pretty thorough, giving you access to a powerful dictionary and thesaurus. The rewriting features are solid and helpful, whether you're doing a revision to make the script stronger or on-set rewrites during shooting, and they are similar to what you'd find in other screenwriting software.

Movie Outline is a full-featured screenwriting program that helps you develop your characters and storyline while writing your script to Hollywood standards. Although the sheer number of features and tools can become overwhelming for the average screenwriter who is just starting out, the wealth of resources still helps beginning screenwriters immensely.

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