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Pros / This keyboard is very well built for durability.

Cons / The customization software is limited in its abilities and not easy to use.

 Verdict / The Mad Catz STRIKE TE is a good mechanical gaming keyboard that has some clunky customization software.

With the STRIKE TE, Mad Catz introduced its first mechanical gaming keyboard. The TE gives you access to dedicated macro keys, Kailh Brown switches and great backlighting. What you don't get is advanced programmability or RGB backlighting. Still, the TE is a very sturdy keyboard that lends itself well to any task you can think of, including everyday typing as well as gaming.

The most attractive quality of the STRIKE TE is how sturdy it is. When you pick this keyboard up, it feels solid. During our flex test, the TE didn't flex or bend at all. There isn't any give in the keyboard while you type. In addition to the keyboard's sturdiness, its housing material is a heavy-duty matte plastic. It can definitely handle some abuse without showing any signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, your only choice of mechanical switch is Kaihua's Kailh Brown switch. Kailh switches are similar to Cherry MX switches, but only having one option is disappointing. It means you can't tailor the keyboard to your preferences.

Most of our testers preferred the STRIKE TE over every other mechanical keyboard on our lineup. During the typing test, the TE introduced a slight decrease in typing speed (only a few words per minute) from the testers' regular keyboards. However, the testers made, on average, 20 percent fewer mistakes with the STRIKE TE than they did on their regular keyboards. The pleasant typing experience is why most of the testers preferred the TE.

Even though you don't get RGB backlighting with the STRIKE TE, the white LEDs are well implemented. There is very little light bleed, and the letters on each key cap are clearly illuminated. You can adjust the brightness of the LEDs by six steps from off to very bright. You can also change the brightness setting of the WASD key cluster and the arrow keys independently of the other keys. This lets you emphasize those keys in order to find them quickly.

With Mad Catz' customization software, you can assign different macros and functionality to the dedicated macro keys. You can assign macros to different profiles and then switch between the profiles using the hardware buttons on the keyboard. The software is not particularly easy to use, though, and it's also limited in what it can achieve. You can't assign the dedicated macro keys to launch applications installed on your computer, and you can't control backlighting on a per-key basis.

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Overall, the Mad Catz STRIKE TE is a solid gaming keyboard. Its mechanical switches give you a pleasant typing experience, and the build quality is good. The customization software isn't particularly useful or easy to use, but the nice backlighting does much to make up for that. This isn't the best gaming keyboard you can get, but as it works very well for everyday typing and some gaming, it's a good option.

Mad Catz STRIKE TE Visit Site