Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 review

If you are looking for a soft and quiet keyboard with a comfortable mouse, the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 keyboard and mouse combo satisfies both of those needs.

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 Review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

There is a lot to like about this keyboard and mouse combination, especially if you enjoy a soft keyboard.


  • +

    Soft and quiet

  • +

    Long wrist rest


  • -

    Large and heavy

  • -

    Unusable on glass

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The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 is a standard combo with many of the features we look for in the best wireless keyboard and mouse. The keyboard features an LCD screen atop the keyboard that displays information, including the battery life. The keyboard also has plenty of media buttons and various function shortcuts such as instant access to your email, music and photos.

This model is called the Desktop 710 for a reason. It's among the heaviest, widest and tallest keyboards in our lineup. It weighs 3.8 pounds, so it's twice as heavy as the lightest keyboard we reviewed. The wrist rest – which doesn't detach – makes it much wider than most others. The extra real estate it takes up makes it more difficult than other keyboards to pack around in a laptop bag.

Because of this large size, the Desktop 710 won't be suitable for all people, especially those with limited desk space at home. Instead, we'd recommend you check out our best keyboards for home offices guide.

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710: Features

This wireless keyboard is easily the quietest one in our comparison. The silicon key switches offer a soft landing for the keys. If you prefer a soft and virtually noiseless keyboard, this is a great option. The soft keyboard can help create a quiet office setting by eliminating the click-clack of the keys.

The keys themselves have a low profile. They aren't as responsive as a keyboard with mechanical switches, but the low profile combined with an actuation point of 1.75 mm make up for what the keyboard lacks in responsiveness. Although the keys are close together, they are slightly concaved to give you a better point of attack on the key to alleviate typing errors.

While some of our reviewers loved the softness and quiet nature of this wireless mouse and keyboard combo, others disliked not being able to hear the keyboard and felt the keys were too soft. The MK710 received a B overall for keyboard comfort. Almost all of the reviewers liked the long wrist rest. In this case, it just depends on whether you like soft keyboards or not.

The mouse is designed for a right-handed people. There is a definitive groove on the right side for your thumb to rest within. Above the thumb groove are two additional buttons that have various functions such as closing webpages and being an alternative to the left-click button. This wireless mouse is also one of the few in our lineup to feature four-way scrolling. By pushing the spin-wheel to the left or right, you can maneuver through webpages horizontally as well as up and down. You can press a button behind the scroll wheel to enable free scrolling. This eliminates the clicking as you scroll and lets you scroll quickly through lengthy webpages. Press the button again and you'll feel clicking as you use the scroll wheel. This is for more typical, gradual page scrolling.

Even though the mouse is set up for right-handers only, our reviewers felt this was one of the most comfortable mice in our grouping. Regardless of hand size, the design of the mouse allows your hand to rest comfortably as you navigate your computer using the mouse.

In our surface testing, the MK710 mouse fared well on most surfaces. Unfortunately, the cursor didn't even move on a glass surface. The mouse lagged on marble, though it worked much better than on glass.

Both the wireless mouse and keyboard are powered by two AA batteries. According to Logitech, the combo can operate for up to three years on a single set of batteries. That is the longest battery life in our comparison. Logitech also offers a three-year warranty on the wireless combo.

Should you buy the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710?

The Logitech Wireless Desktop 710 is the softest and quietest keyboard in our comparison. Our group of testers found it comfortable to use, but some didn't like how soft the keys are. The mouse received one of the highest ratings for comfort, although it's virtually unusable on glass. There is a lot to like about this keyboard and mouse combination, especially if you enjoy a soft keyboard.

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