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Saitek Cyborg V.7 Review

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PROS / The Saitek Cyborg V.7 comes with SST software for customizing your keyboard.

CONS / This gaming keyboard doesn't have on-the-fly macro recording.

 VERDICT / This is a very capable keyboard that is sure to improve your gaming potential.

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Saitek Cyborg V.7

The Saitek Cyborg V.7, as well as a few other gaming keyboards were all pretty close when it came to ranking. They are all designed well, but what makes this one unique, are the aesthetics and the price tag. The Saitek Cyborg V.7 can be purchased for about $10 less than the competition. That makes this keyboard great for its abilities, as well as your wallet. Who doesn't like saving money?

As far as gaming keyboards go, the Saitek Cyborg V.7 has most of the features gamers look for. It offers the ability to turn off the Windows key so that you don't accidently pull up your start menu in the middle of your game. It has anti-ghosting to help prevent any issues when you press multiple keys simultaneously. There is also a set of media control keys, but unfortunately they are touch pads. The problem with that is that it doesn't provide any tactile feedback and generally doesn't work as well as an actual key.

This keyboard comes with SST (Saitek Smart Technology) software for putting together macros and assigning them to keys. It also allows you to set up profiles that you can save and switch between. The downside to this program is that it is a little confusing to use at first. If you are unfamiliar with it, it may take a little time and patience to get the hang of. Once you get it down, there are loads of useful macros you can take advantage of.

We mentioned before that there are 12 dedicated macro keys at your disposal and this is the main customization feature that we look for. The Saitek Cyborg V.7 gaming keyboard does not, however, have an option to record macros on-the-fly, which would have complimented it even more.

The under-key lighting can be changed in a variety of ways. The colors can be anything between red and yellow. It'll also do green but not blue. The Saitek Cyborg V.7 gaming keyboard lets you customize separate backlighting for the "WASD" keys, the arrow keys, the 12 macro keys, the number pad and then the main set of keys, which includes everything else. The other flaw to the lighting, aside from no blue, is that you can't adjust the brightness.


The Saitek Cyborg V.7 is an excellent gaming keyboard that is tried and true. Gamers agree that this is one of the best keyboards on the market, especially for the price. It's not a perfect keyboard that works for everyone's style, but it offers a good balance of features make it a functional, convenient product.

Saitek Cyborg V.7