Logitech is a leader in computer accessories, and the MX Master is one of the higher-end additions to its wireless mouse collection. And it's good. It's very good. With excellent laser hardware, it received the highest accuracy scores on every surface we tested. The body is sculpted for a comfortable grip, whether you prefer to hold it with a palm, claw or fingertip grip.

The jewel of the MX Master is the Darkfield laser, which has a high resolution of 1,600 dpi. The standard resolution is set at 1,000 dpi, which is the most common one used. However, the resolution is adjustable down to 400 dpi and can be customized in 200 dpi increments. This gives you more control over the cursor sensitivity than you get with any other Bluetooth mouse on the market.

We tested the MX Master on laminate, wood, marble, carpet, denim and glass. It scored 99 percent on each surface except carpet, on which it still scored a respectable 90 percent. The most impressive results in these tests are its scores on marble and glass because these reflective surfaces often pose the biggest obstacles for mice. The laser treats those surfaces just like a normal laminate desktop, so whether you're working on your kitchen countertop or a glass desktop, you won't experience much lag.

The MX Master is one of the few wireless mice with dual connectivity. You can connect it to your computer with a Bluetooth Smart connection or with a 2.4GHz Advanced Wireless nano-dongle. There's no difference in the performance with either connection, but using a Bluetooth connection frees up your USB ports. The Master also features a Bluetooth channel switcher that lets you connect the mouse with up to three devices. However, your computer may require an additional download to work with Bluetooth Smart technology, even if it has a Bluetooth receiver. The 2.4GHz Advanced Wireless nano-dongle doesn't require additional software but does require a free USB port. It's also so small that it is easy to lose.

There are five programmable buttons and two scroll wheels, making this one of the most functional Bluetooth mice we reviewed. As with most mice, it has a left, right and middle click with a vertical scroll wheel at the front. On the thumb rest, there is a horizontal scroll and two additional buttons that allow you to go back and forward in a web browser or switch apps in Windows 8, though you can program it to perform other tasks using the Logitech software.

Another great feature is the rechargeable battery. The battery life has a manufacturer rating of 40 days on a full charge, which is hard to compare to most Bluetooth mice. Most wireless mice use one or two AA or AAA batteries, which can provide six to nine months of battery life based on average computer usage. However, since the MX Master's battery is rechargeable, you never have to worry about searching through cupboards for fresh batteries. You just have to plug it into a USB port for several hours.

The only downside to the mouse’s functionality is its portability. We gave it an average portability score because the size and shape make it awkward to pack away into a computer bag or backpack. It doesn't come with a traveling case either. Ideally, your mouse should be able to travel with you wherever you go, whether it's to the coffee shop, a library, your office or your home.

The MX Master was handcrafted for a palm grip style. It positions your hand at a slight ergonomic angle that places less stress on your wrist without changing the way you're used to holding a mouse. While it was sculpted for a palm grip, you can also use it with a fingertip or claw grip. The only downside to the design is that it's not ambidextrous – you can't even purchase a left-handed version.

Logitech provides a one-year warranty for the MX Master, which is the industry standard. However, the company includes better warranties on other Bluetooth mice, and many comparable high-end models feature three-year warranties. Logitech also provides excellent support over phone, email and social networking sites. In addition, there's a dedicated support page for the MX, where you can download software, firmware and manuals. You can also access a FAQs page and knowledge base.

The Logitech MX Master is the best Bluetooth mouse because it combines the most accurate optical sensor with high functionality and comfort. The Darkshield optical laser earned the highest surface accuracy scores in our tests. The mouse features five programmable functions optimized for Windows and Macintosh, and it has a rechargeable battery. The only significant downside is the size, which makes it less portable than most wireless mice.

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