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Duracell Review

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Duracell is a manufacturer of popular rechargeable battery chargers. The company has many battery charger options with convenience and power. Plus, depending on the model you choose, batteries can go from drained to fully charged in as little as one hour, though some of the devices require you to charge the batteries in groups of two or more. Overall, these chargers work as promised, charging rechargeable batteries quickly and effectively.

Duracell battery chargers are generally capable of charging four AA or AAA batteries at once. If you are only charging two at a time you must place the batteries in either the left two compartments or the right two compartments. Some battery chargers allow you to charge both AA and AAA simultaneously.

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Duracell also includes two AA rechargeable batteries with its chargers, and additional rechargeable NiMH batteries can be purchased separately. Take note, the rechargeable batteries must be NiMH; this is not a lithium battery charger.

The LED light on most models has three different status messages. When the light is solid red, the batteries are charging. A flashing red LED light indicates that the charger detects abnormal batteries or the battery temperature is abnormal. When the light is a solid green, the batteries have completed their charge.

Duracell offers a three-year warranty with certain battery chargers, which is longer than many other battery charger manufacturers. On the Duracell website, you will find links to company information, including a FAQs page, with content that will help you learn a great deal about the benefits of using rechargeable batteries as well as some things to be aware of. The company offers support via phone or direct mail. There is also an email form where you can submit a comment or question.

Overall, the quick charge time on some models of Duracell battery chargers make the series worth a look. The AA and AAA batteries chargers lack many of the extra features and tools on some of the best battery chargers, like the ability to charge a single battery at a time and the option to refresh your batteries by draining all power and starting a fresh charge. However, the chargers do provide quality, durability and convenience, and they work well for their intended function – charging your rechargeable batteries.

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