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Best Trolling Motors Review

The time you spend on the water can be the best part of your week. When your fishing rod is primed and ready, you need the ability to slow down and steer your boat into places your main motor can't ta

Best Car Amplifiers Review

A car amplifier boosts the electrical signals that come from your car's radio to deliver more power to your speakers. Not only does the amp produce more power, but it also makes the sound clearer and

Why Radar Detectors Aren't Illegal

If you have wondered about the legality of radar detectors, you are not alone. For the most part, radar detectors are legal under the Communications Act of 1934. Furthermore, it is illegal for authori

Why Use a Backup Camera Kit For Your Trailer

Backup cameras are becoming more and more popular. Some cars come with preinstalled backup cameras, while some people are starting to install them on their cars themselves for safety reasons. Backup c

How to Avoid Another Speeding Ticket Using Radar Detectors

Another speeding ticket may cost you more than just money. A ticket can cost as little as $150, but some states can charge up to $2400, depending on your infraction. Too many tickets and your license

4 Ways Rearview Cameras Make Your Car Safer

Rearview cameras are becoming more and more popular as a standard safety feature on new cars or they can be installed on older cars. These reverse cameras can save lives, prevent injuries and prevent

Do Rearview Cameras Actually Make You Safer?

A major topic among rearview camera reviews is whether these units actually aid in increasing safety when backing up. While they don’t eliminate the need for using your rearview mirror and checking yo

JVC KW-V21BT: In-Dash Car DVD Player and Stereo

Chances are, if you have kids, you had to forgo the idea of a small sporty car in favor of a family-friendly minivan or SUV at some point because it's more practical. You need a car that can easily tr

LIDAR Detector: How to Combat a Laser Speed Gun

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 112,000 drivers receive speeding tickets every day at an average price of $152 per ticket. The vast majority of traffic s

The 5 Best Backup Cameras That Didn't Make Our Top 10

The rear-view camera industry is growing rapidly, and there are lots of quality products on the market. Here are the five best products that didn't make our top 10. 1. Rear View Safety RVS-770613 The

How to Pick the Perfect Power Amp for Your Car Subwoofer

If you're looking to add big low-end sound to liven up your commute's playlist, then choosing the best car subwoofer for your automobile is only half of the equation – the second half is finding the c

Infant Car Seats Versus Convertible Car Seats

There are many choices when it comes to a baby car seat, but what is the best car seat for your baby? We reviewed several infant and convertible car seats, but it's up to you to decide which will fit

Vibration Dampeners: How to Enhance Your Car Audio

There are many ways to enhance the audio experience inside your car. The easiest upgrade you can do is to swap out your cheap factory speakers for a pair of aftermarket, three-way car speakers. Next,

How to Winterize Your Car Battery

Whether you drive a compact car, a truck or an SUV, having your battery fail to turn over is one of the most stressful winter situations a driver can encounter. Preparing your vehicle for winter doesn

Reconciling Radar Detectors' Gray Area

One of my more memorable experiences with police radar (and the beginning of my belief in radar detectors) came when I was between jobs, which is not to say I wasn’t working. Quite the contrary. I was

Top 10 Car Audio Terms You Should Know

When searching for a new car audio head unit, you may run into a few terms and phrases that are not familiar. These terms can be confusing, and often you can't figure out if they're a good or bad thin

10 Tips for Choosing New Marine Speakers

When selecting and installing your new marine speakers, there are a couple of things you'll want to keep in mind that may not be included in your instruction manual. You want your boat stereo system t

Life in the Fast Lane: Best Radar Detectors Reviewed

The Christmas season will soon be upon us, and we all have that one person that is difficult to find a gift for because he or she has everything. A brand new radar detector is a unique gift for that h

Keeping Kids Safe in the Driveway

Good parents are cautious when it comes to their children's safety. However, even the best precautions can't prevent all accidents. One type of accident that is becoming more and more common these day

How to Properly Install a Baby Car Seat

Did you know that 85% of all baby car seats are improperly installed? And the distressing part is that 85% is just an estimate from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – the num

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