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Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Review

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PROS / As an alternative power source with two USB ports and a DC power port, the AG-XP-10 can keep your mobile devices running for days.

CONS / The short jumper cables make jump-starting harder than it needs to be.

 VERDICT / The AG-XP-10 is a great alternative power source that doubles as a jump-starter, but there are better dedicated jump-starters on the market.

The Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 is a strong alternative power source for camping or emergencies. This portable power source also serves as a car battery charger and is capable of jump-starting your car. The AG-XP-10 is quite capable, but it's not as powerful as larger battery boosters.

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The biggest frustration with the AG-XP-10 comes from its very short jumper cables. While the AG-XP-10 is light and easy to move around, the cables are so short that you might have a hard time finding a place for the device to sit while jump-starting your car. It also has less jump-starting power than the 500 CCA of the best car battery chargers.

  1. The more amps you have, the better.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 5 Antigravity Batteries
    400 amps
  3. 500 amps
  4. 500 amps
  5. 425 amps
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    349.50 amps

One of the major differences between this and other chargers is size and weight. This car battery charger is tiny compared to most others and weighs a mere 1 pound. Still, it's bulky enough to be somewhat awkward in the hand, and there's no handle to help here. You don't get any sort of built-in cable storage either, though you do get a case to put everything in.

This car battery charger comes with a three-year warranty, indicating that Antigravity Batteries is confident in the quality of its product. Three years is plenty of time to notice any major issues or factory defects.
Far and away, the AG-XP-10's strong suit is its role as a power bank or alternative power source. It comes with two USB ports and a DC power port. It also has enough juice to keep your electronic devices going for days. This can be extremely useful while camping or in emergencies. It also has an LED flashlight built into it, which is helpful at night.


The Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 is an excellent tool in most situations. It doesn't have as much jump-starting power as the very best car battery chargers, but it mostly compensates for that with its emergency tools and feature. This is a good all-around tool to have for camping trips or emergencies.

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