Pros / You can charge two USB devices simultaneously on this device.

Cons / The jumper cables are very short, which can make jump-starting a hassle.

 Verdict / The Brightech Scorpion is not the best car battery charger, as it lacks some important features, but it can keep all of your electronic devices running in the event of an emergency.

The Brightech Scorpion acts as both an alternate power source for your electronic devices and a car battery charger. It doesn't fare particularly well against more dedicated battery chargers – it has less jump-starting potential than most of the others on our lineup. Still, it's a useful tool to have around in emergencies, thanks to its secondary role as an all-purpose charger.

The Scorpion should be able to jump-start most vehicles. But there are a few major annoyances to keep in mind. First, it has very short jumper cables. You need to position the Scorpion just right so that you can connect the clamps to the correct terminals. Second, it doesn't have a reverse polarity warning, so you have to be sure you connect the cables correctly, because it won't alert you if you don't. Third, due to its smaller size, it doesn't have an air compressor for your tires, which many car battery chargers have to expand their usefulness in roadside emergencies.

Still, the Scorpion does have some redeeming qualities. The three-year warranty gives you a long time to notice any major issues or factory defects. Some manufacturers only offer 90-day warranties, so this is a good addition to the device. For a safety feature, it also has overcharge protection. This means you can plug it in to recharge and then walk away. Leaving it plugged in after it has reached full charge doesn't damage it in any way. Some older car battery chargers could explode if you leave them plugged in for too long.

As an alternative power source, the Scorpion is quite versatile. It has two USB ports and an additional DC port. These allow you to keep all of your electronics juiced up, whether you're camping or stranded on the side of the road; you can even charge two devices with it at the same time. It also has a built-in LED flashlight to help you out in the dark. All of these features are useful when you're not around an outlet, whether that's on a hike in the mountains or stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery.

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    300.0 amps
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    349.5 amps


While the Brightech Scorpion isn't among the very best car battery chargers, its role as a secondary power source does much to alleviate its faults. It's a decent option for a basic jump-start; it just lacks other safety features or emergency tools.

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