Jump-starting a car requires significant electrical power, and the Clore Jump-N-Carry has it in abundance. This is the second most powerful jump-starter we reviewed in terms of cold cranking amps (CCA). It's no slouch when it comes to portability either.

With 1,700 peak amps of jump-starting power, the Jump-N-Carry is the most powerful jump-starter, exceeding the NOCO Genius GB40 and Stanley J5C09 by 700 amps. an adept tool. It has a slightly lower cold cranking amps rating than the best car jump-starter we reviewed, but at 425 CCA, it can still reliably turn over most engines in cold weather. It's harder to jump-start an engine in the cold, so the jump-starter needs to supply power for a longer period – because of this, the higher the CCA rating, the better.

The Clore Jump-N-Carry has 46-inch jumper cables, and you store one on each side of the device. There isn’t a power switch, so you must keep the cables separate and store them correctly so they don't spark or become a safety hazard.

It’s easy to transport the Jump-N-Carry, though it is a somewhat-heavy 18 pounds. This is about as heavy as other car jump-starters with this much power, and it's still small enough to store in the trunk of your car. It also has a carrying handle. Because it’s so portable, the Jump-N-Carry is a convenient addition to any automobile emergency kit.

This jump-starter doesn’t have many fancy safety features, but it comes with insulated and spark-resistant jumper cables and clamps. One notably absent safety feature is reverse polarity detection, which lets you know if you improperly connect the jumper cables to the battery's terminals. Be sure you double-check the connections before jump-starting, or you may ruin your battery.

While it doesn’t have a digital or backlit display, the Jump-N-Carry has an easy-to-read battery test gauge on the front that measures your battery’s remaining charge. This is particularly useful if you know that your aging battery has a difficult time holding a charge.

Clore backs the Jump-N-Carry with a one-year warranty, beginning on the date of purchase. While that's a decent amount of time, the best jump-starters have warranties that last up to five years.

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