Pros / The Powerpack 300 has two AC power outlets for charging your various devices.

Cons / This car battery charger's CCA rating is low, so it can have a hard time turning over larger engines.

 Verdict / The Duracell Powerpack 300 has a bunch of helpful emergency tools, but its jump-starting capability isn't great.

The Duracell Powerpack 300 is larger than most car battery boosters, and for good reason. It not only jump-starts your vehicle battery but also has two power outlets and two USB ports to provide power to your work tools, lights and mobile devices. This is a great multifunctional charger for automobile owners, campers, emergency preparedness kits and remote construction workers. Unfortunately, with only 120 cold cranking amps (CCA), its jump-starting power is limited.

Only 120 CCA is at the low end of power. The best car battery chargers have a CCA ranking of 500 or more. The Powerpack will likely struggle to turn over large engines, which can leave you in a bind.

Really, though, jump-starting is this device's secondary role. It's designed as an alternative power source, providing juice for all of your electronic devices. It has two AC power outlets. Yes, that's AC outlets, just like the wall outlets in your home. The Powerpack 300 has a built-in inverter, which means you can plug just about anything into it.

This auto battery booster has many safety features, including spark-resistant clamps, insulated cables and overload protection. All of these safety features protect you and the battery from the large amount of current running through the jump-starter to your vehicle's battery. It also has an automatic shut-off feature that stops the unit from overcharging. This is not the same as overload protection, which prevents dangerous electrical feedback that results from connecting to the wrong terminals during a jump-start. Overcharge protection allows you to leave the Powerpack 300 plugged into a wall socket without the worry of overheating and overcharging.

This battery booster is large, weighing 32 pounds. It's the least portable car battery charger on our lineup, but it has so many built-in tools and features that the payoff may be worth it. In addition to the two AC outlets, there are two USB ports. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, battery tester and air compressor. If you were to be stranded, the Powerpack would ensure that all of your power needs are taken care of for quite a while.

In addition to its many features, the Powerpack comes with a one-year warranty. That's not as long as you get with some car battery chargers, but it's not terrible either. Some manufacturers offer up to five-year warranties, while others only have 90-day warranties.

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  • Cold Cranking Amps
  • Weight
  • Jumper Cable Length
  1. The more amps you have, the better.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 8  Duracell Powerpack
    120.0 amps
  3. 500.0 amps
  4. 500.0 amps
  5. 425.0 amps
  6. Category Average
    349.5 amps


While it lacks the charging strength of our top-ranked battery chargers, the versatility of the Duracell Powerpack 300 makes it a great portable power supply. This battery booster is good for jumping your vehicle battery and even better for providing power for your mobile devices and tools.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Charging Capability

Cold Cranking Amps
Peak Amps


Jumper Cable Length (feet)
Weight (pounds)
Built-in Cable Storage


Overcharge Protection
Reverse Polarity Warning
Spark-Resistant Clamps

Emergency Tools & Features

Power Outlets
USB Ports
LED Flashlight
Battery Tester
Air Compressor

Warranty & Support

1 Year