Pros / This car battery charger has a fantastic five-year warranty.

Cons / There are no additional power outlets.

 Verdict / With its efficient charging and easy operation, the Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A is a decent choice for car battery maintenance and charging.

The Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A is a decent car battery charger. While it isn't one of the very best car battery chargers available, it does make it less stressful to keep your automotive battery and other batteries charged and maintained.

This car battery booster includes battery- and alternator-testing functions, which can show you how much charge remains in your battery and if the problem lies with your vehicle's alternator. The digital display clearly shows the voltage you've selected to jump or charge a battery and other information.

The SpeedCharge includes a 100-amp jump-start option for those emergencies when you need a quick start. You can select the engine-start feature if you or someone else is ever in need of a quick jump and connect the charger to the vehicle battery. This is the exception on our lineup: You have to plug this charger into a power socket, so you have to either have the vehicle within extension cord range or in your garage or shop to jump-start it. Another inconvenience is the lack of power ports to charge your electronic devices in an emergency.

Thanks to its compact size, the SC-10030A is easy to store, whether it's on a shelf in your garage or under a seat or in a storage compartment in your car. It has a handle for easy carrying and handling, with two cord-wrap cleats on the rear of the unit for storing the 7-foot jumper cables and clamps. This keeps the insulated cables neatly tucked away while not in use. The SpeedCharge SC-10030A weighs just over 14 pounds and is easy to lift and position.

This car battery booster includes almost every safety measure to ensure your protection while a battery is connected. The jumper cable clamps resist sparking, and the cables themselves are insulated, reducing the possibility of fire. You can charge your battery either removed from or still in a vehicle. The five-year warranty is the longest we've seen, so you have more than enough time to notice defects and replace it.

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  • Cold Cranking Amps
  • Weight
  • Jumper Cable Length
  1. The more amps you have, the better.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  Schumacher SpeedCharge
    100.0 amps
  3. 500.0 amps
  4. 500.0 amps
  5. 425.0 amps
  6. Category Average
    349.5 amps


For an all-around strong performance from a battery charger, the Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A is a decent choice. This battery booster's safety features make it worth your consideration, though it lacks some of the convenience of the best car battery chargers.

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