If you have an auxiliary vehicle, such as an RV or motorcycle, it is likely you replace the battery often because you use it so infrequently. You can buy the Sunway Solar battery charger for less than $40, so it is a great low-cost way to keep rarely used batteries topped off and ready to use. This isn’t the right charger if your battery is nearing the end of its life; otherwise, it’s a good, eco-friendly option.

There are a number of onboard devices, such as alarm systems, clocks and computers, that slowly drain your vehicle’s battery, even when it isn’t being used. If your car spends more time in a parking lot or driveway than it does on the road, you can put the Sunway Solar charger on your dashboard and plug it into the cigarette lighter port to avoid slow and steady battery drains. If your car’s cigarette lighter port doesn’t work when the vehicle is off, you need to use alligator clips to attach the charger to the battery terminals.

Unlike traditional car battery chargers, much like the Deltran Battery Tender and Black & Decker, the Sunway Solar battery charger should not be used to recharge a battery that is fully discharged or incapable of starting a vehicle. Although it is considered a charger, we prefer to think of this device as more of a battery maintainer. It is safe to leave it connected to your battery for days at a time without checking in on it, as long as it isn’t left outside during a rainstorm. Sunway rates this charger as “splashproof” but not fully waterproof. Make sure the blue LED located next to the output cable is blinking before you leave the charger unattended – that means it is connected properly and charging your battery.

We couldn’t find any direct contact information for Sunway Solar. That means you should unpackage and test this product as soon as possible because it only has a 30-day warranty through Amazon. You can ask any questions you might have about the product in the question and answer section on the charger’s Amazon product page.

This solar-powered charger is a good fit for someone who needs to maintain a fully charged battery but doesn’t have access to a power socket. You can buy battery chargers with better charging capabilities and safety features for about the same price, but unlike the Sunway Solar charger, they all require access to a power outlet.

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