Pros / It recorded the highest volume in our comparative loudness tests.

Cons / The low-end frequency accuracy is below average.

 Verdict / The Alpine Type-S series of car speakers are an excellent upgrade from factory-installed speakers, providing average overall audio quality but very efficient speakers.

The Alpine Type-S series of car speakers are mid-range car speakers defined by their sleek design and swiveling silk dome tweeter. While the overall audio quality is average, the loudness is comparable to the top car speakers in our review. The series features speakers in most sizes, though it lacks 6 x 8-, 4 x 6- and 3.5-inch speakers. We tested and evaluated the 6 x 9-inch car speaker: SPS-619.

To determine the overall audio quality and evaluate power handling, we performed frequency accuracy tests, subjective ear tests and a comparative loudness test on the SPS-619. The frequency accuracy tests measured the speaker's ability to accurately produce a 20Hz to 20kHz tone while the subjective ear tests was designed around listeners rating the audio quality as it played a variety of songs. We performed the comparative loudness tests by measuring the decibels at 1 meter that each car speaker produced when the volume was the same on the amplifier. This test illustrates how efficient the speaker is at converting electricity to volume.

In the frequency accuracy tests, the SPS-619 performed the best during the midrange between 470Hz and 7.5kHz, receiving an A. The high frequencies received a B+. The only below-average grade was for low frequencies (20Hz to 470Hz), which was given a B-. The bass wasn't terrible, it just had significant fluctuations, rising as much as 12 dB and falling as much as 9 dB. However, the first audible tone was produced at 41Hz, which was the lowest audible tone produced in our tests. In addition, it received average ratings throughout the subjective ear tests by every listener.

The best result the Alpine Type-S car speaker produced was in the comparative loudness tests. With the volume level on the amplifier equal for each car speaker, it produced the loudest average volume at 1 meter, tying with the Pioneer A-Series. This means that the SPS-619 is very efficient at converting electricity to volume, which is important, because the power-handling ratings aren't very high.

The continuous power-handling rating is just 85 RMS watts, which is only just better than the Rockford Fosgate Prime speakers and the JL Audio Evolution C2 speakers. This is 25 watts below average. The peak power handling is 260 watts, which is 87 watts below the average. When you consider that it recorded the loudest volume, the below-average power-handling ratings aren't as big of an issue as it would be with other car speakers, because it doesn't require as much power from your amp to produce loud volumes.

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  • Lowest Frequency Response
  • Highest Frequency Response
  • Sensitivity
  • Continuous Power Handling
  • Peak Power Handling
  1. The lowest frequency that the speaker can produce, according to the manufacturer.
    Lower is Better.
  2. 4  Alpine Type-S
    65.0 Hertz
  3. 28.0 Hertz
  4. 46.0 Hertz
  5. 28.0 Hertz
  6. Category Average
    43.8 Hertz


The Alpine Type-S series of car speakers provide very accurate midrange, above-average high frequencies and slightly below-average low frequencies. The overall audio quality, when considering the subjective ear tests, is just average. However, it tied with the best speaker in our review for the loudest car speaker, which makes the below-average power handling matter less.

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