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Pros / It has an above-average continuous power-handling rating. The subwoofers come with a two-year warranty.

Cons / The sound quality score was the lowest in our review.

 Verdict / The Sundown Audio E V2 is a good entry-level subwoofer, but it lacks the audio quality and power handling you find in the best car subwoofers.

The Sundown Audio E V2 series of car subwoofers has an audio quality score of 80 percent, which is the lowest score in our lineup. It still performs well enough to provide a significant improvement to your car audio experience, but it lacks the accuracy and fullness that we heard with better subwoofers. We heard distortion even at modest output levels. Also, the lowest bass notes don't sound as low as on other subs. The manufacturer doesn't list the frequency response range and only suggests that the E V2 subwoofers are capable of extending below 30Hz.

The sensitivity rating is 88.7dB, which is average. It's still 8dB less than the best car subwoofer, which means the E V2's 12-inch subwoofer would need a lot more power to shake the hubcaps off your automobile. For example, if you run your Sundown Audio E V2 subwoofer at 500 watts, then the best car subwoofer would only need approximately 83 watts to produce the same volume.

The best feature of the E V2 car subwoofers is the continuous power-handling rating. The 10-inch subwoofer has a continuous power handling of 400 watts, and the 12-inch subwoofer has a rating of 500 watts. These are among the best continuous power-handling ratings in our lineup, which makes these subwoofers durable. However, the manufacturer doesn't provide a peak power handling for the subs, so there's no way of knowing how much of a power spike it can handle before experiencing damage. Since the power fluctuates with the dynamics of a song, you need to be careful when a song crescendos.

The recommended sealed enclosure requires only 1 foot of cubic feet, while the ported enclosure is recommended for 1.5 cubic feet. Since the audio quality isn't the highest, it's an ideal subwoofer for a ported enclosure, which helps the bass sound bigger.

Sundown Audio provides a two-year warranty with all of the E V2 subwoofers, which is one year more than the industry standard. In addition, Sundown Audio provides excellent customer support, especially when it comes to installations, enclosure tutorials, wiring diagrams and video tutorials.

  • Lowest Frequency Response
  • Highest Frequency Response
  • Sensitivity
  • Continuous Power
  • Peak Power Handing
  1. The lowest frequency that the subwoofer can produce.
    Hz (Lower is Better)
  2. 10  Sundown Audio E V2
  3. 20.0 Hertz
  4. 23.0 Hertz
  5. 23.0 Hertz
  6. Category Average
    23.89 Hertz


Sundown Audio's E V2 series of car subwoofers does not provide the highly accurate low-end audio of the best car subwoofers, but it still provides a significant upgrade to your factory installed car audio. The 88.7 sensitivity is average, but the continuous power handling is excellent, making it a good entry-level subwoofer.

Sundown Audio E V2 Visit Site