Pros / The simple interface is easy to master because there are very few buttons.

Cons / It lacks a built-in GPS unit.

 Verdict / The Beltronics V10 is a reliable laser radar detector, but it can't alert you to speed traps, speed cameras or red-light cameras.

The Beltronics V10 is a straightforward radar detector that's easy to master for beginners. It doesn't come with a fancy display, and it only has a few buttons that control the three sensitivity settings. However, while this device is compatible with the Escort Live app if you purchase a SmartCord, it lacks built-in GPS and Bluetooth, which limits your alerts to radar- or laser-related threats. This might very well be enough for many users, particularly at this price range, but the lack of alert and control features is a concern.

After analyzing the ratio of positive to negative reviews of thousands of user reviews and consulting with expert radar detector users, we gave the V10 a B- for performance detection. While this is the lowest grade in our review, it's not surprising considering that it's also among the most affordable radar detectors. Most users praised the range but were annoyed by the number of false alerts.

The V10 has three sensitivity settings: Highway, AutoScan and City. This is standard. The Highway setting turns off all the filters, alerting you to any radar it detects. The AutoScan setting turns on an internal computer that uses digital signal processing to analyze detected signals to distinguish false alerts from real threats. The AutoScan setting is recommended for most driving, but it's not perfect. You can still receive many false alerts, especially in urban settings, where garage door openers and motion detectors are common. In this case, the City setting works best by removing the X-band from detection, because this causes the most false alerts.

As with every radar detector in our review, the Beltronics V10 is also a laser radar detector, otherwise known as a Lidar detector. Lidar guns use a narrow beam of invisible infrared light to measure your car's speed. It's very accurate and allows police officers to target individual cars, which means that the car next to you on the freeway could have a laser on it and you wouldn't know it, even with a laser detector. This also means that if you receive a Lidar alert, the police officer already has your speed by the time you've looked down at your speedometer.

With its lack of advanced features and simple design, the V10 is among the easiest radar detectors for a novice user. However, it lacks a built-in GPS system, which primarily is why it doesn't rank higher in our review. Without GPS, you can't mark locations or be alerted to speed cameras, red-light cameras and speed traps. It can't track your speed and warn you of exceeding posted speed limits. Without the built-in GPS, you're only alerted to active traffic cops. It won't learn where false alerts repeatedly occur.

The V10 is compatible with the Escort Live community threat-sharing app, but only with the SmartCord, which is sold separately. The SmartCord provides a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, allowing you to integrate your alerts with the app so you can learn of threats from other users far in advance.

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The Beltronics V10 is an excellent radar detector if you've never owned one before. It's simple, effective and more affordable than the top-rated radar detectors in our review. However, the lack of GPS capabilities severely limits its ability to keep you aware of potential threats like speed traps, speed cameras and red-light cameras.

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