Uniden DFR7 Review

The Uniden DFR7 is listed as a super long-range radar detector.

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The Uniden DFR7 had a middling performance in highway and city tests, but it outperformed other radar detectors under $300.


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    It has built-in GPS with an over-speed alert.


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    The GPS doesn't have an auto-learn feature.

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The Uniden DFR7 is listed as a super long-range radar detector. The manufacturer doesn't make it clear what "super long-range" means in practical terms, and my highway tests certainly didn't show anything "super" about them. That said, you can't expect it to have the same range as detectors that cost over twice as much. As a radar detector under $300, it was excellent. This makes it the best radar detector for drivers on a budget or novices that want adequate radar protection but aren't sure they want to drop $700 on a top-of-the-line detector. Additionally, it has built-in GPS, which is not common at this price range.


In my highway performance test, the Uniden DFR7 earned a B for range. The range was two miles with the radar gun aimed down the road at the approaching car. Most radar detectors, even the cheapest ones, reached two miles in this scenario. However, law enforcement usually aim radar at angles to the road. In these scenarios, the DFR7 was above-average, posting ranges that were good, but not great. For example, with the radar gun aimed at a 90-degree angle to the road to mimic a speed trap ambush, the range was 0.45 miles. This seems very impressive. A half mile is plenty of time to adjust your speed. However, the Escort RedLine EX had a 0.7-mile range in the same test. That said, the similarly priced Whistler CR93 had a range of just 0.3 miles.

The city performance of the DFR7 received a B- grade, mostly because it was too quiet and didn't alert me to known radar sources. Like other detectors, it uses GPS to mute radar when you're driving under a certain speed. While there is value in having a quiet radar detector, you need to have something that provides a balance between being a vigilant reminder and being an annoying beeping box. On the route that I drove, the city settings were just too quiet to be effective.


The ease of use for the Uniden DFR7 earned a B grade as well. There are some excellent design features that makes this a very easy device to use out of the box, but some of the display information isn't easy to follow. For example, the buttons are all labeled clearly and the mute and mark buttons, which are the most important functions, are on the front of the display and not on top. This makes it exceptionally easy to access from the driver's seat. However, the display provides information, such as the exact frequency of the radar, that has no meaning for the novice and are confusing. This type of information is for the hobbyist expert.

The built-in GPS is an excellent feature to find in this price range. However, it lacks an auto-learn function where the GPS automatically learns the false alerts in your city and mutes those coordinates. Instead, you manually mark the location by hitting the mark button. It's a minor issue, as the auto-learn is more of a convenience because you don't have to do anything but drive around.


The best alert feature is the over-speed alert. You set a maximum speed and when you exceed that speed, as measured by the GPS, you get an alert. This a great feature because it ensures you're aware of your speeding without having to rely on being found by radar. If you have a habit of getting speeding tickets, this is the best way to break the habit. It's also great if you have children or other precious cargo and you want to develop safer driving habits.

The DFR7 is missing some other important alerts. It doesn't alert you to multiple radar. It doesn't tell you where the radar is coming from. It doesn't automatically mute the alerts after a few seconds. That said, these alerts are more common with detectors that cost hundreds more. It does have voice alerts, which isn't common in detectors at this price point.

The Uniden DFR7 doesn't have the performance or ease of use of high-end radar detectors, but if you want an affordable above-average device, it's your best option. The range is good enough to give you ample reaction time and the built-in GPS provides some features common in much more expensive detectors.

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