Best Remote Car Starters

Why Buy a Remote Car Starter?

A remote starter is a useful addition to your vehicle as it allows you to warm the engine and heat or cool the interior from the comfort of your home or office. You can choose two-way models, such as the PRO 2-WAY 901, the Viper Value 2-Way Remote Start System and the Clifford 4706X that offer advanced features such as an LCD display.

Some remote car starter models help to increase the security of your vehicle by providing alarms or alarm alerts in the event someone attempts to break into your vehicle. The presence of keyless entry on many remote start systems allows you to open or lock all of the doors in your vehicle remotely, with the push of a single button.

Remote Car Starters: What to Look For

When considering the purchase of a remote start system, the choices are confusing and overwhelming, potentially leaving you to struggle with the features and opt for an unsuitable model. Using the factors below, you can make an informed decision and choose the remote start that best suits your needs.

Transmitter Range
If you generally park your car right outside your home or in an attached garage, you may not think transmitter range is a major concern. However, you also have to take into account where you park when you go to work, the mall, the sports center or your favorite restaurant. Because you park in many other places besides your home, you need to factor in this increased distance and choose a transmitter range that suits your parking habits. You can choose models with short ranges of 100 feet to large ranges of over a mile.

Engine Speed Sensing
Engine speed sensing is a vital consideration. A remote car starter without engine speed sensing cannot tell whether or not it has successfully started the engine. This can result in the remote car starter essentially not working and leaving your car freezing cold. Nor can it tell if the revs per minute are too high. This puts the engine at risk of flooding or potentially burning out. The presence of engine speed sensing allows the starter to assess whether it has successfully started the engine. It also enables the car starter to sense when the engine begins to over-rev and shut itself off.

Extra Features
There's an extensive range of additional features on offer with remote car starters. You can opt for a keyless entry model that locks or unlocks your vehicle remotely. As an added safety feature, consider a hood safety switch that prevents the remote starter activating the engine while the hood is up. Some two-way models come with a small LCD panel that provides status alerts, while others can activate your rear windshield heaters. As an extra security feature, many models have alarm functions or alarm alerts.

With an extensive range of features to choose from, you need to decide what features you consider crucial and which you can live without. A remote car starter provides you with a convenient method of warming or cooling your vehicle before you reach it.