As a midtier model, the AutoPage C3-RS730 Remote Car Starter has an extensive collection of features for convenience and safety, offering good value and plenty of versatility, with features including keyless entry, valet mode and a hood trigger. The range, however, is 500 feet.

Supporting two vehicles from a single remote, the AutoPage C3-RS730 Remote Car Starter is a good choice for homes with more than one vehicle. It has an LCD screen to provide status alerts and an audible alarm. The alarm siren sounds if you attempt to lock your vehicle using the keyless entry function, or if you've inadvertently left a door, the hood or trunk open. This model has a shock sensor that activates the alarm on your remote if someone tries for forcibly enter your car or your vehicle is struck by another vehicle or heavy object. However, it isn't sensitive enough to be set off by lighter impacts. The lack of extreme sensitivity means that the alarm won't activate in strong winds or when light debris comes into contact with your car.

The car remote has a range of 500 feet, and the LCD panel alerts you when you come in range of your car. The LCD also provides data, such as the internal temperature of your car, from an on-board temperature gauge. You can also program the remote to start your engine when the temperature hits a specific number. From the remote unit, you can choose which temperature you want the interior of your vehicle to reach.

This automatic car starter has a panic mode, so if you feel threatened, you can press a specific button configuration on the remote, and the horn and alarm goes off, along with flashing parking and indicator lights. The valet mode allows you to bypass all the functions of the remote car starter, negating the need to hand over your keyless remote to valets or mechanics. To prevent engine problems, the speed sensor tests the revs per minute and, if they exceed a safe level, the engine cuts out.

With a strong set of features for ease of use and safety, the AutoPage C3-RS730 Remote Car Starter offers reasonable value at a midrange price point, offering some additional benefits, including a detailed LCD display and audio alarm.

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