Pros / This brush has six different brushing modes and three specialized brush heads to match.

Cons / Because of all of its features, the Precision Black is slow to recharge. It takes about 24 hours to reach full battery.

 Verdict / The Oral-B Precision Black 7000 comes with plenty of extra features, and when it comes down to the bone, it can accomplish some serious brushing.

This electric toothbrush comes with three brush heads. Each of these has a different purpose and pairs with a different brushing mode on the Precision Black. The cross action round brush head works best for deep and daily cleans, the ProWhite head polishes the outside of your teeth to a pearly shine and the sensitive brush head works best with the gentle setting. In addition, Oral-B produces several different brush heads compatible with the Precision Black that are available for separate purchase.

The Oral-B Precision Black has six built-in brushing modes, each with different pulsing patterns and purposes. We recommend changing your brush mode from day to day for the best results. Among the modes are Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening, Massage, Sensitive and Tongue Cleaning, which improves your breath. On the standard Daily Clean setting, you can expect this electric toothbrush to reach up to 800 brush movements per second.

Adding to the sleek design, the wireless SmartGuide sends real-time information about your brushing modes, times and areas of your mouth you need to brush more. There is also an Oral-B app for your smartphone that the Precision Black can connect to. While this may seem over the top for a toothbrush, it follows the current trend of monitoring your habits to improve them. Like any pedometer or food journal, the closer you watch your brushing habits, the better they'll become.

This brush has some other useful features that don't require the app. The timer works best with the app, but once you turn the brush on, the two minutes begin. The toothbrush notifies you when you need to switch to a new corner of your mouth. If you have a habit of brushing too hard, the Precision Black also notifies you and slows its brushing speed. This toothbrush is water tolerant in case you accidentally drop it in the sink or toilet.

One of the downsides to the Oral-B Precision Black is its tough handle. In our tests, this electric toothbrush only scored a 2.8 in handle comfort. In addition to a hard handle, this toothbrush doesn't have a great battery life and takes up to 24 hours to charge. On a single charge, the Precision Black runs for about 10 days. However, the more you use the Bluetooth features, the lower the battery life you can expect.

The Oral-B Precision Black has a warranty that lasts for two years after purchase. A long warranty for a brush like this is a good sign because it has so many features. There isn't a manual online if you lose your paper copy, but you can access frequently asked questions, email support and phone support through Oral-B if you need assistance.

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    3.0 Brush Heads
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    3.5 Brush Heads


The Oral-B Precision Black has some serious speed and six brushing modes behind it. It reaches up to 800 brush movements per second and has brush heads to match different modes. The partnership between this brush's Bluetooth capabilities and the Oral-B mobile app is bound to motivate the more gadget-minded user. However, because of all these extra features, the Precision Black tends to have a short-lived battery and requires plenty of charging time.

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