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Foreclosures: Back to Basics

As the market slows, the potential for foreclosure grows. While the market was hot and interest was low, many were paying big bucks for their dream digs. Real estate investing went from a gamble to a

This Can Be a Slimy Business: Tips to Avoid Being Swindled

We at Top Ten Reviews take a considerable amount of time and pride in our research, but sometimes we come across unscrupulous websites that even make us cringe. Essentially, our job is to weed out th

Avoid Foreclosure: Money Saving Tips

Why does a person go into foreclosure? Layoffs, medical circumstances, lack of priorities, too much spending, and getting into a home that really wasn’t in the budget can all be reasons that hom

Top 10 Foreclosure Cities to Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Or maybe just skip a beat. RealtyTrac, our #1 ranked foreclosure listings service, released its foreclosure report for first quarter 2009. The bad news: 800,000 properties received foreclosure filing

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