Making sure your child gets a quality education is important. Sylvan Learning focuses on the unique set of academic skills each child needs. Sylvan's online tutors will design a learning plan geared to those needs. The academic goals set by your family are the first priority.

This online tutoring service offers a unique pricing plan. Sylvan will build a plan that will be based on the specific tutoring help your student needs and one that will fit your financial budget. The factors that go into your pricing plan are program length, tutoring subjects, hourly instruction and a payment schedule. Sylvan puts the needs of your family first.

This company carefully chooses tutors to make sure that each student is encouraged and supported in their homework endeavors. Tutors are located all over and could be teachers in your own community. They will know the curriculum your student needs to learn. Upon registration, a student is given an interactive digital writing tablet and headset. The writing tablet is connected to a whiteboard feature that students and teachers can use to discuss and work through problems together in real time. Sylvan also has accommodations for hearing and vision impaired students. For further learning, advanced prep courses can be added to your plan for a monthly fee. These packages include video lesson and textbook lesson plans.

Sylvan is very adamant that parents participate and monitor student tutoring sessions. The company also strongly encourages parents to help students with homework. Parent resources include learning activities for the whole family, articles on how to prepare your child for college and other information to help your child get a quality education.

For online tutoring, Sylvan specializes in math and reading help for grades K-12, but there's also help for SAT and ACT prep. You'll find assistance for ESL students as well. You can reach customer support by filling out a simple form on the website or calling the toll-free number. You can also sign up for a monthly newsletter and get updates on the company and tips about learning. There are also reading lists for students of all ages as well as a blog that features fun activities to supplement things students learn at school.

This online tutoring service focuses on math and reading help for students in grades K-12. Several tools, like an interactive tablet with a whiteboard feature, let students and tutors interact easily and enhance the learning experience. Sylvan will focus on the specific needs of your student to ensure they get quality help with homework and learning.

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