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The Best Audiobook Services of 2017

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The Best Audiobook Services of 2017
Our Ranking Audiobook Services Price
1 Audible $14.95
2 Simply Audiobooks $17.98
3 Audiobooks.com $14.95
4 AudiobooksNow $5.00
5 iTunes Varies
6 AudiobookStore $14.95
7 On the Go Books $18.95
8 Audio Books Corner Varies
9 AudioQueue $21.95
10 Recorded Books Varies
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Audiobook Services Review

Why Audiobook Services?

Become well-read without reading. Enjoy and take advantage of the time you spend commuting, in the gym or performing mundane tasks around the house or at work. What used to be dull moments can now be enlightening, inspiring, entertaining and educational with audiobooks (also known as “books on tape,” if your tastes are more retro).

Audiobook services make it convenient to enjoy your favorite literature. Some services sell and rent audio downloads, while others sell and rent CDs, and will deliver them directly to your home. You have access to thousands of titles without making a trip to the bookstore or library.

In this site, you’ll find articles on audiobook services and comprehensive reviews on services like Audible, Simply Audiobooks and Audiobooks.com, our top-ranking sites, that will help you make an informed decision on which service is right for you.

Audiobook Services: What to Look For

Audiobook companies and their websites should reflect the same qualities you would expect if you entered a bookstore or library. Namely, good customer service, an organized inventory, and a broad selection of quality books that interest you. Good prices are also a necessity, as are subscription terms that reflect your reading pace. Below are the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate audiobook services.

Some services rent audiobooks, some sell audio books and some do both. Every audiobook service should include book reviews, audio samples and an all-inclusive search box. There should also be a great number of books to choose from.

Ease of Use
The best audiobook websites are uncluttered, appealing and easy to navigate. They should also have a simple, straightforward membership registration process, software download process (if applicable) and search function. Downloading should be a reasonably easy process, and mailing services should clearly state the time frame for shipping.


The top audiobook services have many diverse categories of audiobooks so anyone can find a book on a topic they enjoy. Most of the services on our lineup have the essential fiction and classics section, mysteries and thriller, plus biographies and memoirs. Services that are especially comprehensive also offer books on language instruction, poetry and drama, and in Spanish.

Help & Support

Audiobook services should provide adequate help and support so their patrons will feel confident they can find answers to questions while on the website and purchasing or renting audiobooks and club memberships. Email assistance is especially useful when the site has a speedy response time, and phone assistance is better if you are not kept waiting for long periods. A FAQ section can be invaluable in answering questions without having to resort to calling or emailing a customer service rep, and a user guide and forum can help to guide you toward the books you would enjoy most.

If you need or prefer to have books on tape out of health or work needs, then every service on our lineup is right for you. Fine-tuning your needs to accommodate your taste in books and deciding between purchasing and renting will be a lot easier once you have looked over our reviews.