Pros / The one-person 72-hour kit has everything that FEMA recommends for surviving the first few days of a catastrophe.

Cons / You will have to shop elsewhere for pet emergency preparedness supplies.

 Verdict / This site doesn’t offer auto kits and a few other specific items but the food and water options are impressive.

Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center is a good resource for survival essentials that can keep you warm, dry and fed after a catastrophe. This site has an especially good selection of sleeping bags, blankets, ponchos and heaters. It also offers more equipment for purifying water than any of the other emergency preparedness stores we compared. That is very important in an emergency if water that you are able to carry with you runs out.

This is one of the best survival food companies because of the variety. Nitro-Pak has food from many different brands, all of which offer high-quality entrees, sides, veggies and more. The store has a vast selection of Mountain House, Wise Company, AlpineAire, Backpacker’s Pantry and other brands. It sells everything in large and small quantities so you can sample quite a few first. When you find what you like, you can buy larger amounts for your emergency preparedness supplies.

The only things lacking in Nitro-Pak’s food options are MREs and canning or dehydration equipment for preserving your own food. While we could not find MREs, there were a few no-preparation alternatives on Nitro-Pak’s site, including Survival Tabs and food replacement bars, which will get you up to your daily calorie requirements in a catastrophe. This store also lacked pet preparedness equipment. That won’t matter to every family, though.

We compared a similarly priced one-person 72-hour kit from each of the companies in our emergency preparedness store reviews, and the one from Nitro-Pak is excellent. It has each of the items we were looking for from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s recommended list for getting you through those first few days after a disaster. Nitro-Pak has a good selection of 72-hour kits for different scenarios, though we would prefer to see at least one pre-packaged automobile kit. You can always make a kit yourself but it’s nice and easy to just throw a preassembled one in your trunk and not think about it.

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Nitro-Pak lacks a few specific things we were looking for, like pre-assembled car emergency kits and MREs, but it has a very good selection of everything else, especially most types of long-lasting food that you will want in a disaster. You will also find an assortment of first aid kits, tents, radios and cooking equipment. This store can help you have confidence even in the worst of circumstances.

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