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Pros / The website has a wealth of preparedness education resources.

Cons / This store lacks ready-made and freeze-dried meal options.

 Verdict / Quake Kare has a highly instructional website that is easy to navigate with many emergency supply kit options and clear plans for specific emergencies.

Quake Kare Emergency Preparedness Experts are as much about education as they are about providing the necessary supplies in the case of an emergency. Preparedness novices and experts alike can benefit from Quake Kare's website, which is rich in news and information about disasters and how to prepare if you should ever become the victim of one yourself.

Quake Kare takes a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness. Since we live in a world where natural disasters, like earthquakes and floods, and man-made disasters, like mass attacks, are continually making headlines, this service sets out to help you prepare for the worst. The website is well-designed and easy to follow, taking you through the steps of preparing for an emergency and educating you each step of the way.

The website's homepage links to survival (72-hour), emergency and earthquake kit options to have on hand in the event of a crisis. There are survival kits for home, car, office and school. There are even kits for taking care of pets. The homepage also links to blogs, Facebook, Twitter and a disaster news page. The company's blog details actual stories of natural disasters like earthquakes and tells you how to prepare for a similar disaster in your life.

While the selection of emergency kits isn't as extensive as some of the best services in our lineup, there is enough variety that you, your family or organization, and pets can all be prepared if an unexpected disaster takes place. For instance, there are a variety of buying options for 72-hour kits for one to 100 people. This service also has a decent number of pre-assembled first aid kits to choose from if you are assembling your own emergency kit.

Food options are extremely limited. There are no options for ready-to-eat meals or freeze-dried food that you can add water to for instant meals. Also lacking are food preservation devices like dehydrators that let you create and preserve your own dried food. You won't be able to buy seeds or plants through this service for growing your own food. Since it's important to have some or all of these food items in your emergency supplies, you will have to go through another store to obtain them. The 72-hour kits include food bars and water pouches for surviving short term emergencies, but that is the only food supply with this service.

Quake Kare does have water supply options, but they are somewhat sparse. There are a limited number of water filtration and water storage container options and only one option for drinking water: a 6-pack of emergency water pouches.

There are plenty of customer service options if you have questions. You can contact customer service via email or phone. Unfortunately, there isn't a live chat option. In addition to the array of educational materials on the website, you can find answers on its FAQs page or through the network of users on social media. You can also sign up for a disaster preparedness newsletter.

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Quake Kare is a great resource for emergency education. This is one of the most instructional and educational websites in our emergency preparedness store reviews and walks you through all the supplies you need on hand to survive a disaster. Quake Kare is lacking when it comes to food storage options. It's basic survival kit includes food bars, but aside from that you'll have to access other stores to get a diversity of food. It does have a nice selection of 72-hour and auto kits if you for short-term emergencies. There is also a selection of first aid kits to choice from. Overall, this service is a great educational resource and a decent emergency supply store.

Quake Kare Visit Site