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SurvivorMall.com Review

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PROS / This service has a wide selection of food storage and specialty items like pandemic kits.

CONS / It doesn't have emergency supplies specifically for animals.

 VERDICT / Although some of its products are a little eccentric, SurvivorMall has a wide selection of practical emergency preparedness products to choose from. You can find what you need whether you're preparing for a terrorist attack, a natural disaster or the apocalypse.

During a time when natural disasters and manmade tragedies regularly make headlines throughout the world, SurvivorMall provides a comprehensive store for preparedness enthusiasts of all stripes. Emergency measures that may have at one time seemed rooted in fiction, now feel like a real possibility. When you look at the list of features at the SurvivorMall's homepage some of it seems dramatic – gun accessories, spy gear, stun guns, gas masks and end-times media. There's even a book discussing biblical evidence of an impending zombie apocalypse. Even if doomsday rhetoric isn't your cup of tea, being prepared for all kinds of emergencies is a good idea, and this service can help you get there. The website has many practical items like food storage and camping gear.

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If you are putting together your own emergency kit, SurvivorMall has the basic equipment you'll need. If you have to leave your home for a time or need to take emergency measures in your own home, without electricity or heat, you can find equipment to help you stay comfortable.

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While this company doesn't have as many first aid options as the best services in our reviews, it does offer several basic first aid kits that will provide the essentials you need if someone is hurt. Also, if you have pets, this service lacks supplies specifically for animals, like freeze-dried pet food and preassembled pet kits. This could be a problem for some since many people consider their pets to be part of the family.

Regarding other emergency essentials to include in your DIY kit like shelter, warmth and lighting, SurvivorMall has a variety of options, including affordable one- and two-person tents, survival sleeping bags and hand-crank LED flashlights. Other light options include a kerosene lantern and an eight-hour light stick. The site also has battery packs to keep your devices charged during a power outage, but if there should be extended power problems there is nothing in the way of solar panels or generators.

If you're in a crisis that requires that you retreat to a wilderness setting, or find yourself suddenly out of work, food can be a concern. This service has an impressive selection of freeze-dried food, with menu items that include chicken teriyaki with rice, beef stroganoff, chili mac with beef, and scrambled eggs and bacon. You can purchase 10-can orders that you can pack and take with you in a time of crisis, or in bulk canisters amounting to decades of food storage. There are also a number of food pouch options to take with you on the go. The site has some MRE meals that you can eat right out of the bag, but these options are more limited.

In emergencies like earthquakes and hurricanes, or during an unforeseen water crisis, having a water supply on hand can be essential. SurvivorMall's water supply options are sufficient. There are several water pouch options for short-term emergencies. For more extended emergencies, you can select from several water filtration options to filter and purify the water you have available.

SurvivorMall also has several options for short-term emergencies in the form of 72-hour and auto emergency kits. These preassembled kits have all the essential supplies you need in the time of an immediate crisis. If you like preassembled survival kits, SurvivorMall is a good choice. However, if you prefer to substitute your own choice of food into a preassembled survival kit you'll have to go through a different store. Also lacking are supplies for a specific disaster like an earthquake.

You can contact the company via email or phone if you have questions. There is also a FAQs page to answer common questions. While there isn't as much practical preparedness education material as you would find on a website like Quake Kare, there is plenty of information to be had by clicking on the individual product descriptions.


SurvivorMall has diverse emergency supplies that include camping gear, gun accessories and a wide selection of food storage options, as well as plenty of survival and first aid kits. This is one of the best survival food companies we found, with a plethora of short- and long-term food storage options. Unfortunately, this service doesn't sell supplies specifically for pets, and it does not let you customize your food options in survival kits. But you can find most of the supplies you'll need through this store.

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