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The Ready Store Review

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PROS / This site has the best selection of water filtration and water storage equipment.

CONS / The store has fewer pre-assembled kits and 72-hour kits than some competitors.

 VERDICT / The Ready Store has a wonderful selection of long-lasting food and puts a lot of emphasis on customer service and education.

As we compared options for our emergency preparedness store reviews, we looked for the companies that have the things you will need in a catastrophe. All of them had many of those things, but the top products had the widest variety. The Ready Store made our top three based on its selection of first aid kits, emergency shelters, communications devices, power sources and other survival supplies. It easily earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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DIY Equipment

Water is a necessary part of any long-term emergency supply. This service provides pouches, boxes and cans of drinking water. As added insurance, there is a wide assortment of water filters and purifiers. Survival enthusiasts would have no complaints about the extent of emergency accessories The Ready Store chooses to provide. In fact, it has more water purification and storage equipment than the top two competitors. It has fewer options for some other types of survival essentials, though, including tents and lighting. Both will become extremely important in a crisis that calls for an evacuation.

Because of recent natural disasters, dehydrated meals, freeze-dried food and other emergency food supplies are in high demand. The Ready Store offers you survival food from both the Mountain House brand and the store's own label, Saratoga Farms.

This emergency preparedness store has a large variety of food storage choices, including pasta, vegetables, meat substitutes (TVP), high-caloric bars, breakfasts, snacks, grains, flours, sauces and seasonings. While these freeze-dried and dehydrated meal options, our favorite foods were the main entree selections. Saratoga Farms' broccoli cheddar soup, for example, is an entire meal in a can; all you have to do is add water.

The Ready Store also offers seeds and plants. This allows you to purchase a seed kit, such as the MegaGarden, which has almost 300,000 seeds. You can grow a garden to yield fresh vegetables and fruit that you can then bottle and add to your current food storage supply. Fresh veggies and fruits would be a refreshing addition to any dehydrated meal.

The one notable absence missing from The Ready Store's site is a pet survival kit. This isn't an absolute necessity, especially since you can make your own kit for your pet, but it is still a feature that would benefit anyone who wants to have a bit of added safety for their animal during a disaster.

Basic Kit

We compared a similarly priced one-person 72-hour kit from each of the emergency preparedness stores to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) list of recommended items for those first three days after catastrophe. The kit from The Ready Store had just about everything on the list that we were looking for except a whistle for signaling rescuers. That is something you could easily add yourself, though. FEMA’s list also recommends local maps and a wrench, but those are also items you can add to your kit.

Kit Selection

The Ready Store is excellent for making your own kits but its selection of pre-assembled kits is a little weak compared to the other top emergency supply stores. There were only a handful of 72-hour kits, which are an essential first step in preparedness, and too few kits of any kind, overall. The store also lacks kits specific to certain settings, like your car.

Help & Support

This emergency preparedness store gives the proper emphasis to customer service. Every page has a live-chat button, a technical support phone number and social media buttons for easy access. The live-chat support was excellent, and response time was great. Representatives linked us to the product and information pages we were looking for and answered all of our questions. The ReadyBlog was another fantastic source of information; we found articles with tips on tornado preparedness, the best temperature at which to store freeze-dried food, how to purify water and many other topics.


A better selection of shelters and 72-hour kits would make it even better, but The Ready Store is extremely well organized and has a vast array of food and water-related supplies. The emphasis on customer service and preparedness education makes this site a great resource for buying or even just learning about survival supplies. You should have no trouble finding what you need at The Ready Store.

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