Pros / The Ready Store's seed selection can help you grow a large garden with plenty of variety.

Cons / There is no canning kit for preserving fruit and other food.

 Verdict / With the ability it gives you to both grow your own food in a crisis and buy balanced meals from its services, The Ready Store is great for overall preparation.

In these times of seasonal natural disasters and global climate change, food storage companies have become very popular. The Ready Store has an impressive amount of freeze-dried food, dehydrated meals and survival equipment. More selection in terms of food preservation equipment and gluten-free food would be nice, but the Ready Store is generally equipped to help you find the best long-term food storage fit for your situation.

The Ready Store is great for variety. It works with Mountain House, offering the brand's entrees in packet form. These come packaged together in stackable cartons. The service also focuses on its own brand, Saratoga Farms, and stores this food in pantry cans and #10 cans. The company's ValueBuckets hold an average of 40 pounds of grains, powders and drink mixes. You can buy packs individually or purchase a survival food supply that lasts up to a year. The Ready Store has a variety of standard emergency food storage choices such as basic meats, vegetables, breakfasts and fruits, but it extends its nutritional catalog by including pastas, snacks, high-calorie bars, sauces and seasonings.

Beyond its survival food storage options in premade meals, The Ready Store places a big emphasis on seeds and plants for self-sufficiency before or after a crisis. The company offers a carton of seeds specifically for medicinal value called the MedicineGarden SEEDSAFE. This package contains borage, cayenne, echinacea and several more seeds. The HomeGarden carton contains spinach, cantaloupe and carrot seeds.

There are a few features we are surprised that The Ready Store lacks. One, a canning kit, is uncommon even among food storage services, but it would still be a benefit, considering how well this store stocks other DIY food preservation items. Also, there are no specifically gluten-free foods, which we thought would just be one search away on this site with all of its selection.

The website for The Ready Store offers a lot of information on each item. When you click on a product, you see a description, what's in the box, specifications, nutritional information and even customer reviews. If you want to keep tabs on the product without adding it to your cart to purchase it, you can add it to your checklist and consider the purchase at another time. We appreciate the convenience and the amount of information available for each product.

It never hurts to have email and phone contact options for a business, and this company has those plus a live chat option. On the Ready Blog, you can peruse a number of helpful and unique articles, such as "10 Foods You Should Never Can at Home" and "Three Ways to Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent." The Ready Videos give storage tips, previews of new survival supplies and rotation tips for water storage. If you have the time, we recommend checking some of the videos out, whether it's for great food storage tips or just for entertainment, as with videos such as "MRE vs. a Car."

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There is very little that The Ready Store does not have in terms of long-term food storage and general emergency preparation, though they do not have the gluten-free foods some people might need to be comfortable in an emergency. It can be daunting to invest in food storage, but The Ready Store 's selection, educational materials and ease of use take some of the pressure off.

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