Pros / The Thrive Life system is designed to encourage rotation, which will mean fresher food in an emergency.

Cons / Product-specific shelving works best for Thrive Life, which represents an added initial expense.

 Verdict / Thrive Life works best for those willing to cook with their food storage and rotate it regularly. If you want to purchase food storage all at once and forget about it you may want to use a different service.

Thrive Life is a competitive emergency food source that provides a great balance of the best long-term food storage options and excellent flavor. In case you need education on what is essential to have in an emergency food kit, Thrive Life gives you plenty of information through product-specific YouTube videos and additional learning material.

Instead of bulk food storage containers and packets, Thrive Life stores every single food and entree in a can. You can order freeze-dried chicken, beef and ham, or go with soy-based vegetarian substitutes for bacon and beef. Depending on the level of investment you want to make, you can buy a few a la carte cans that provide great meals during a weekend of camping, or order a one-year supply of freeze-dried foods and dehydrated meals.

The company's survival food storage options are extensive. Beyond the common food pyramid essentials, the company sells canned seeds. These cans each include seeds for red beets, corn, lettuce, squash and many other vegetables. There are also meals for vegetarian and gluten-free diets, which is a forward-thinking move in an increasingly health-conscious market.

This is one of the food storage companies that sell ingredients rather than lots of prepackaged meals. If you prefer a company that specializes in prepackaged meals and a la carte items Lindon Farms is a good option. Both ways of doing things have their advantages. The benefit of doing it the way Thrive Life does is that it is easier to rotate your food storage. You can incorporate the individual ingredients into daily life so that you are constantly using and renewing your storage. That means fresher food in an emergency. If you opt for more pre-packaged, just-add-water meals for food storage you are less likely to use and restock them on a regular basis, but then at least you do not have to prepare meals as you are trying to camp after an emergency.

Thrive Life foods have a slightly shorter shelf life than some competitors, but then the way this system works you will be rotating everything regularly. While it is not absolutely essential to buy specialized Thrive Life shelving, everything works better if you do. The shelving is front-loading and uses gravity to ensure the oldest can is always at the front so you use it first. The shelving represents an added cost, which may be a drawback initially.

This company has decent customer service options, though we rarely caught anyone staffing the live chat. There are also phone numbers and email addresses available if you have questions, though, and the FAQs page gives helpful tips on how to properly store your food storage cans to make them last as long as possible.

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With a slightly shorter shelf life than some services, Thrive Life goods are not the best choice if you want to buy food storage once and never think about it again. Thrive Life is great if you are interested in rotating your food storage on a regular basis. You may have to learn a few new recipes, but it will pay off in fresh food if there is a crisis.

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