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Best Hotel Booking Services

How to Choose a Hotel Booking Site

We researched 13 hotel booking websites for 40 hours to find the best site for people planning a vacation in the U.S. or internationally. We looked at features such as loyalty programs, recent search saves and mobile apps. Our top pick for best hotel booking site is Hotels.com. This site has extensive sorting features that are easy to use and can help you find rooms if you’re traveling with children or pets or if you have disabilities.

The best site for finding international hotel rooms and deals is Agoda.com. In our price research, this site found the best hotel deals for international destinations, especially for exotic locations. This site also lists how close the hotel is to transportation centers, ATMs, hospitals and other travel-related amenities.

The best value site is Hotwire.com. This site found the cheapest hotel reservations in all of our test searches. It doesn’t offer a loyalty program, but the low prices this website found can offset some of the missing benefits of a loyalty program. This site requires a bit of risk to get the best deals because you can’t see a lot of information about Hotwire’s Hot Deals hotels. Instead of a hotel’s name, all you can see under the Hot Deal is the hotel’s location, it’s average rating and the price.

Hotel Booking Services: Our Pricing Tests

Most people are looking for a low hotel price when they turn to online booking sites. As part of our evaluation, we conducted two comprehensive searches on each hotel booking site for seven popular travel destinations: New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas, Paris and Rome.

For the first search, we averaged the price of the first 10 hotels listed in the site’s default, or recommended, hotel list for each of the seven cities. We found those services with an average price around $215 displayed a healthy mix of luxury, three-star and value hotels.

For the second search, we sorted the results for the same seven cities by lowest price then found the average of the first 10 hotels on the list. This gave us a good representation of how each service compares in terms of the price and deals they can negotiate with area hotels. We also noted that the lowest priced hotels in a given area are typically the same on each site.

For our test cities, Hotwire had among the lowest prices when we looked at its list of recommended hotels. Both Booking.com and OneTravel.com also have a good list of value hotels that received guest ratings of three stars or more. This means while the absolute lowest price for a specific area may be found on another hotel booking site, these three – Hotwire, Booking.com and OneTravel.com – have a lower average price for the hotels that are more desired by average travelers.

Important Features for Hotel Booking Sites

Sorting Features

When booking hotels online, most people want to know about amenities and features. Reputation, location, free breakfast and Wi-Fi are all important in choosing a hotel. All of the online booking services we reviewed provide a wealth of honest information about the hotels, regardless of their star ratings.

The best booking services online can help you sort through hundreds of thousands of hotels based on what’s most important to you. All of the hotel booking sites let you sort by price, star rating, various amenities, location, guest rating and hotel name, and you can set a price range. The top-rated hotel booking services also let you sort by accommodation type, so you can search for hotels, motels, condos or vacation rentals. They also let you search for facilities for those with hearing or vision impairments. Only one booking site – OneTravel – doesn't let you sort results by disability-friendly facilities.

Hotel Details

You'll want to find a booking service that provides plenty of information about the hotel. The most valuable information includes images of the hotel, amenities, hotel policies and nearby attractions. Other features such as guest reviews, especially from trusted sites like TripAdvisor, give you the inside scoop on the hotel from people who have firsthand experiences with the facility.

Reservation Process

Booking a room online should be quick and easy. When it comes to prices, hotel websites have different methods of delivering special deals. Some use a bid system, while others provide big discounts if you’re willing to book a hotel without knowing much beyond the price and general location. Purchasing in these ways may get you good prices, but they can come with complicated website policies.

Some of the best sites also let you reserve flights, rental cars or whole vacation packages combined with the hotel. If you're a frequent traveler, loyalty programs reward you for booking with the website, giving you more incentives to use the site.

Booking Help

As anyone with children can tell you, plans change. Because of this, you may need customer support from the online booking site. For the easy stuff like how to cancel or change your reservation, you can often find info on FAQs pages. Email and telephone support are more helpful when you have a specific issue with reservations or payment. All of the sites we reviewed include these options, but Hotels.com, Priceline and OneTravel.com are the only ones to offer live chat on their websites.

How Can I Get Deals on Hotels?

In our testing, we found the best deals for hotels on Hotwire.com under its Hot Rate Hotels. Unfortunately, these deals often meant we couldn’t see very much information about the hotel itself and had to take a risk in booking.

If you’re looking for great deals, sign up for hotel loyalty programs and follow popular hotel chains on social media for deals. Loyalty programs can earn you free nights, and hotel chains often post deals and discounts on their social media channels.

To learn more about the deals we found on each site and specific features and search capabilities, read our detailed reviews.