Best Photo Scanning Services

Why Use Photo Scanning Services?

Using a photo scanning service is a good way to save those old home videos, VHS tapes and negatives. These services put your videos on DVD so that you have a backup copy that is usable in modern equipment with little risk of damage. Over time, home videos and VHS cassette tapes degrade and become unusable. When this happens, all of your memories are lost unless you transfer them to new media. Companies like GoPhoto, iMemories and ScanDgital can help you preserve your memories.

Photo Scanning Services: What to Look For

There are a few options to consider when choosing the right photo scanning service for your media. The type of media you have to back up and whether the service has the ability to transfer it are the most important things to keep in mind. Many services are capable of converting film and VHS to DVD, scanning negatives and restoring old photos.

Film to DVD Conversion
Similar to photographic negatives and slides, movie film wasn't meant to last forever. Over time it suffers decay and degradation until, eventually, it s completely unusable. Film to DVD conversion involves scanning your home video in high-definition quality and full frame resolution. This means that nothing is cropped out. Look for a service that can remove scratches and dust, and provide color correction before putting the video on DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Negative Scanning
Negative scanning involves taking old photographic negatives and putting them through a machine that converts them to digital images. These images are then put on optical discs or turned into prints suitable for keeping in a family photo album. A good photo scanning service gives you a safe backup when your negatives begin to color shift and scratch over time, which can happen even if they re in protective sleeves.

Photo Restoration
Photo scanning companies take your old family photographs and restore them to their former glory. Look for a company that provides color correction, removes scratches and blemishes in the photographs, and repairs damage caused by fire, light, water and mold.

Converting your old VHS videocassettes to DVD is a great way to update your home movies and keep them safe for years to come. This entails running the videotape through a machine that captures the video and converts it into a DVD format that works with most modern DVD players. Find a photo scanning service that provides studio-quality standard definition video from your home movies.

Slide Scanning
Over time, your photographic slides degrade and break down. The colors change slowly, even if you keep them in the dark. They are also prone to scratching and fungal stains, no matter how well they re taken care of. A slide scanning service takes your slides and converts them into digital prints or images, which can be put on disc or printed and framed. You should look for a service that provides color correction and repair options.

There are a number of photo scanning services to choose from that can provide you with fresh digital prints and backup copies of your photos and videos. Choosing the right is a good way to preserve your most precious memories.