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Heredis 2014 Review

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PROS / This genealogy software’s synching tools allow you to share and edit your family database on the go using the most popular devices.

CONS / Heredis isn't compatible with DNA test results.

 VERDICT / While Heredis has a few quirks, it also has a slick look and many easily accessible and useful features.

Heredis 2014 is highly customizable genealogy software that keeps you connected to your roots whether you're near or far from your computer. By combining software with the genealogical database Heredis Online, this program can help you research and create a family tree, lineage charts and entire books to map your family history.

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If you work closely with online sources and share your research often, Heredis is a good choice. This genealogy software has Wi-Fi and USB syncing, as well as web capabilities that sync your material to another PC, Mac or other iOS device. It also has a knack for recognizing different devices that plug directly into your computer. Whether you use a USB flash drive or external hard drive, you can spread your genealogy work online and directly to other devices. Heredis connects to its own genealogy search, Heredis Online, in addition to popular genealogy search sites like FamilySearch, Ancestry and MyHeritage.

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Heredis produces correctly formatted citations for print and digital sources, which allows professional genealogists and academic researchers to add many sources quickly and accurately. In order to do this, all Heredis needs from you is information typed into a simple text editor, and a notes field provides an area to add extra commentary. You can also give each source a quality ranking from zero to three. Novice researchers benefit from easy data entry and quick examples of correctly formatted citations.

Many genealogists opt for DNA tests that reveal the geographic origins rooted deep in their ancestry. Unfortunately, you cannot use DNA results as sources in this software. Most genealogy software lacks an associated DNA testing service but still have a way to input any test data you may have.

Using this family tree maker, you can sort and print digital sources into several categories to make them easy to find later in the source index. The index allows you to sort information by surnames, given names, occupations, places, sources and media in an easily accessible and central location on the interface.

In genealogy, sharing your research and creating keepsakes is almost as important as research itself. Heredis provides an array of charts and visuals to display your ancestry. Whatever of your skill level, you can create complex graphics, basic family trees, charts and interactive migration maps that trace your ancestors' movements through history.

Heredis doesn’t stop at charts and printouts; it can transfer your tree's footnotes and sources into a Microsoft Word document automatically, so you can create a complete and customized book of ancestors and descendants. You can also transfer your family information and create a website about your work through Heredis Online. This software uses simplified genealogical terminology to make it easy to share research between people of all experience levels.


Heredis is detailed enough for professional and academic genealogy projects, but simple enough for a first-timer to begin mapping their family history. The charts and reports are just as customizable as the toolbar and interface. Arranging your workspace to your preferences is an important task and helps you stay organized. Though Heredis excels with sources and customization. It is a young program and still has a few bugs that need maintenance, but overall this genealogy software does a good job of keeping your research organized and useable.

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