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Evidence Eliminator 6 Review

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PROS / Evidence Eliminator has one-click privacy cleaning for Windows and internet activity. It is the original privacy software.

CONS / The interface is dated and the price may be a deal breaker. The publisher has used rather aggressive marketing tactics in the past.

 VERDICT / Evidence Eliminator effectively deletes files permanently. The publisher, Robin Hood Software, is your ally against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Evidence Eliminator 6

Evidence Eliminator is privacy software that is effective at rendering unwanted files irrecoverable. It is the original product that began the privacy software category. The United States Department of Defense endorses Evidence Eliminator for disk sanitation purposes. If you don't want anyone to be able to trace your online activity, this product will give you some privacy.

Ease of Use

Evidence Eliminator features a one-click solution that finds and removes sensitive data in:

  • Typed URLs
  • Internet downloaded folder memory
  • Windows SWAP file
  • Recycle bin
  • Start menu run history

The software can run in stealth mode so others don’t even know it’s there. Stealth mode puts the software transparently in the background. Another feature is that the privacy software includes safety checks to help new users avoid deleting crucial files. Luckily you only have to set up the program once to delete all the right areas and then you can simply use one click to run everything. As with most privacy software, you can delete individual files on demand by right clicking on them and finding the appropriate task from the popup menu. You can also control several of the functions directly from the Evidence Eliminator icon in the Windows system tray. Obviously the main reason for privacy software is to eliminate sensitive information and ensure privacy. However, removing excess clutter and otherwise useless files can significantly increase your computer speed by freeing up space. This privacy program clears all free unallocated disk space.

Cleaning Capabilities

This software deletes files so effectively that they can’t be recovered by any of the current commercial or government recovery methods. Some PC users know that when they “delete” a file it isn’t really gone. Even emptying the Recycle Bin or formatting a disk still doesn’t completely remove the data. Luckily, you can remove the traces of files and your internet history so that they can’t be recovered. Evidence Eliminator includes removal tools for both your online activity and offline actions recorded in the Windows operating system itself. The specific areas and applications that the software cleans up are comprehensive and the software definitely does what it’s supposed to do.

Technical Support

Once you're done setting up your options, all you have to do is return to the main menu, Quick Mode, and wait for the scan to finish. A problem that arises here is that the program doesn't tell you what it's deleting before it deletes it. This could pose problems for users who aren't sure about what needs to be deleted and what needs to be kept. You’ll want to make sure you know what all the Quick Mode entails before you click that button.


Evidence Eliminator has stirred up some controversy in the past with fear-mongering marketing tactics, but then the forces that conspire to spy on us are to be feared. If you are considering privacy software, this one should be on your short list.

Evidence Eliminator 6